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59: Traffic Jam

28 Feb

I try to write, but my mind’s tangled up in a bunch. Stuck somewhere in the week that was, today, and what lies ahead tomorrow, it’s a jam I can’t seem to get out of. So much has transpired this month, where it all went, is a mystery. Caught between the pages of newly made memories, and the attempts to file more of them before they fleet, my words find roadblocks…as always, there’s a traffic jam in my mind. Trying to cut corners, helps. Sometimes.

Waves are crashing in my head…of the good and overwhelming kind. There’s heaps to smooth out, the magic lies in those defined creases…just out of reach, ever so slightly out of my reach. Time has been spent to buy more memories, experiences, and notes that will only be mine, and mine alone; with people that are mine, and mine alone.

Forget about yesterday, keep tomorrow for tomorrow, they say. Give way, give way; let’s just stand and sway. Stranded between the was and the will be, let’s leave it all and just be free, free.

13: And This Day Has Finally Arrived…

13 Jan

…where I stare at the laptop and wonder what to write about. It was bound to happen and I’m surprised and shocked it didn’t happen earlier somehow… I want to write about just how cold the past few days have been, how I’m craving a good helping of khichdi because it’s so cold, and maybe even about an odd rant or two about the goings on in my life – but that’s so mundane and blasé, that even I wouldn’t want to actually write about it, forget read it. This Friday the 13th has done its job with respect to my writing plans. :P

Sankranti is here, and falls in line with this craving for moong dal I’ve been having for sometime now – you know, this steaming bowl of very light dal to just appease my senses and warm the insides of my being like nothing else possibly can, on these very cold days. There is nothing like the embrace of hot, perfectly cooked dal, and it’s one I can hold on to every single day, and for ever. So I’m thinking Sankranti calls for the mingling of these two cravings I’ve been having – moong dal and khichdi – to complete this harvest festival in true festive style with a bowl of pongal. Yum. It takes me back to the days at work when I’d treat myself to a helping of this delightful Tamil dish, sometimes even in the morning. I love the comfort, the hug, and the burst of pepper it springs my way. Love it. So that’s taken care of.

That apart, I don’t seem to have the head-space for much writing today.

What I do have space for, is this track which, according to me, was the best thing about ADHM. It’s finally on YouTube (the last time I checked, which was just after the watching the movie, it wasn’t there). Love it. The original is one of my all time favourites. Have a listen, and a very happy Friday, folks! :)

Holding Steady

17 Aug

this block of mine…overcoming-writers-block-nonprofit-blogging

and me, my ground.


Respectively, of course.

Sneaky Disguises

12 Aug

I’m afraid I have what is otherwise called a writer’s block; except mine seems to be parading town in the guise of busyness, if you please. What a scam job.

At first I really did think that a lot was going on with my life – with nothing new added to it, I’d like to note. Agreeably, there was a lot of travel of the happy, beautiful kind where copious amounts of sleep and hydration were also bartered in return for extra time with family and friends, and of course, lesser highway pit stops. But while these two did do their best to get back at me by knocking my socks far away from me, it wouldn’t be fair in the absolute sense, to hold them responsible for this absence. Or so I’d like to believe.

However, a block is a block and a block will always be thick, self-centred and egoistic about the space it deems fit to occupy from person to person. Like I said, I was fooled into believing that fatigue, stress and travel, in general, had gotten the better of me; what with me having gone as far as to question my ageing process. What a fiend, this one.

But I’m of the belief that writing helps tackle blocks, even if you spew shittier shit out, from time to time. Perhaps it’s the closest analogy to tackling a hangover – with another beer, they say. And so here I am, writing with no particular aim or theme in mind, surrounded by the claps and roaring of thunder that only threatens to disable my wifi connection just before I hit the publish button.

Given that it is Friday, therefore a permissive and fine time to tease my caffeine sensitivity, filter coffee has been had. A strong will + filter coffee somehow tends to work better as a team. The rain has started, I feel pumped up and alert, also seemingly satisfied to have consumed said caffeine around the fine ambience that my surroundings presently are, and of course, my block seems less stubborn – I’m thinking about what to write tomorrow. See?

It’s another thing that that was just a thought. Someone did say that actions speak louder than words, or, erm, thoughts, in this case.

Here’s hoping for persistence and a more hardcore approach to box this block away. In the mean time, I hope your Friday evening goes as fine and smooth as perfectly put eyeliner.

(I read that somewhere and found it to be divine without a doubt).