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100: A Hundred Days Of Blogging

10 Apr

It’s been challenging, fascinating, intriguing and interesting, insightful, beautiful, and an extremely satisfying experience so far. Little did I think or imagine that I’d make it to a 100 days. It’s been crazy for sure, what with these annoying bouts of fluctuations swirling in my midst. Sometimes there’s clarity, structure, and even inspiration; while sometimes my faculties remain inert even though my mind’s brimming with activity. It’s been happening more prominently the past week or two, and I haven’t figured a way around it so far. Just showing up seems to make it all a little less domineering and easier than these blocks seem. This is definitely a feat; more the attempt of this challenge than its numbers. I’m uncertain about tomorrow, but today’s what I’ve got my eyes on, and that’s all there is to it.

My reading has slumped drastically since I last finished Krakauer’s book sometime ago. Caught in the trap of a work-life and the demands of domesticity, making time for some designated reading has been harder than I thought it would be. When it’s time to hit the sack, there’s no scope of sinking into a book what with my senses already half asleep. With that having taken a hit, it’s directly affected my ability to write as well. It just seems harder to write when I’m not reading, which is an interesting insight to this whole thing. I guess I just have to work harder and smarter to get a stronger foothold over this thing called balance, without feeling overwhelmed or overworked. Sometimes this need to do something becomes a plate full of everything that goes out of control. Either way, the biggest achievement for me would be to feel a sense of happiness, satisfaction, and rejuvenation from all this. Feeling haggard, let-down, and unproductive isn’t what I set out to feel, and if that comes at a cost, then so be it.

From this 100 days of blogging, I’ve learnt discipline, perseverance, time-management, productivity, thinking out of the box, apart from gathering this sense of achievement, peace, and satisfaction. It’s been motivating and inspiring to say the least. And it definitely has been rewarding at a deeply intrinsic level.

Thank you for reading and walking along. :)

Good Morning

12 Jan

It’s a good morning, in every sense of the word. I haven’t had my usual routine this morning, which I do quite enjoy and which I look forward to. So no, it hasn’t been a morning that has begun in the usual happy routinely manner that I like my mornings to begin with…but it’s a good morning, in every sense of the word.

It’s a good morning because I’m here, to begin with. I’m making no promises to write or to be active in the real sense of the word. I’m choosing to make this a relationship of convenience because that automatically gives me the ease of escape, of convenience minus expectations, so to speak. But I’m here. And that makes me feel good.

It’s also a good morning because while I still haven’t gotten entirely used to substituting the 4 with a 5 when I write 201_, it’s a good place to be at and a good time to be in, or so is the hope. While it is technically a shift into just another new day, I like to look at it at more than just that, as so many of you would. Perhaps it’s symbolic of newness and opportunities and new chances, all over again. Who doesn’t like more chances, right? So I’m holding on to that for now; to this new morning we’re blessed to see and make ours. And that makes it all good, all over again. And I’m not complaining.

Throughout the past year, I’ve seen a shift in my perspective towards blogging that I thought was otherwise almost concrete since the time I first started, and continued to do so. I’m not sure if it is a phase of wanting to be away from the public eye or whether it was the inability to put my thoughts together in a coherent stream of more sense than non sense. There were, as always, and I assure you, so many thoughts that I needed to streamline but there came a point when I stopped trying. Letting go is almost as easy as being able to actually let go. And when you’ve got a barrage of thoughts followed by a barrage of after-thoughts and a further barrage of over-thoughts (from the overthinking of everything), it somewhere becomes imperative (and I choose to use this exact word) to let go. And so I did.

And for (I think) okay reason. When you blog and when you blog the way you do and about what you do, boundaries become necessary. Or so I believe. And somewhere down the line, I realize I was unable to draw those lines that made it easy for me to come here and just…write; with feeling, with experience, with emotion and with my thoughts. It happens, and I assure myself that this is normal; that it is okay to take a step back and assess where you’re really standing. It’s okay.

But I’m here today. Minus promises. Or expectations. And larger than life hopes (which aren’t that large after all).

And that makes it a good morning, in every sense of the word.

Happy New Year, you. :)