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147: Thank God For…

27 May

Fridays, of course.

And then,

the simple things in life,
having choices,
and a voice.

Thank God for

having someone to share them with,
and then some laughter and sparkle.

I’d like to even thank God for

everything I’ve been given and not given,
for reason, good judgement, for having a spine,
and for being able to be exactly who I want to be.

Thank you. :)


7: Namaste To Yourself

7 Jan

Here’s a snippet of all things strong, healthy, positive, and progressive. I don’t have role models in my heart’s keep because I cannot idolize people for a strange reason. But if I ever was to have one, it would be her on many counts. She speaks to the person in me, the woman in me. She challenges the cynic and negative in me. She throws light on the realist and wannabe optimist in me, she really does. But most of all, she gives me the space, courage, strength, and hope to believe in myself.

And these words were exactly what I’ve been desperate to hear, which I’m sharing with you, dear reader.


It was just yesterday when I came across this most simple yet gratifying concept, and thought – of giving thanks to yourself, always. For someone who berates herself more often than not, criticises herself for not being strong or confident enough – all patterns of the two conflicting versions of myself (one which I really am and one which I idealize myself to be) – encountering this uncomplicated habit was quite uplifting. I mention it in tandem with Michelle Obama’s speech because I believe that every journey, every attempt, and every move begins with one’s own self. And it beats me how a lot of us never give ourselves that pat on our back, that extra glance in the mirror, that appraisal without feeling selfish or self-centred. I’ve no idea what or which day I’m waiting to do this for and to myself. Absolutely clueless.

I’ve shared this image before but cannot seem to find it on my blog for some vague reason. Here it is.


It speaks a million words, a million thoughts, and a million truths. Namaste to you, and namaste to me too. :)

On another note, I’ve miraculously managed to finish a week’s worth of posts…waow! *happy jig*

And the things I’ve learnt this week are:

Show up.


Give your heart the mic equally.

Thank yourself.

Have a lovely weekend, peeps! :)

Thanks Be To You

5 Sep


I came across this post on a friend’s fb page and wanted to share it as part of today’s celebration at large. I say celebration with some amount of enthusiasm because it’s an ongoing process, this. It isn’t about waking up one day and buying super red (or yellow, were they?) roses (like we used to find outside our school and college gates) to give to a teacher whom we felt made a difference…it isn’t about celebrating each of these days for just that day.

Maybe it’s about growing up and older which perhaps broadens this view of these glasses we wear through life. There’s a massive sense of thanks giving and being grateful for the big, small and the many in-betweens which make it somewhere in our life.

Today I’m especially thankful for the endless teachers, literally and figuratively, that I’ve had throughout my life. There are too many to count, too many to call out to, too many to forget, even – the good, the bad, the ugly.

To life, our greatest lesson. To time, our extraordinary teacher. To family, our strengths. To education, our pillar. To love, our support. To friendships, our masts. To expression, our luxury. To experiences, our milestones.

See? The list is endless.

Happy Teachers’ Day!

On A Day Like Today…

16 Jun

…when I don’t have anything to particularly crib, complain, act aunty-ish or adult about, I find myself turning to the playlist I’ve come back with after visiting my younger cousins. It’s nasty, sick, woah and catchy; all in one. Here’s what I’m currently trippin’ on and I’m sort of shocked, sheepish and extremely conscious of a) grooving to this kind of music, and b) sharing it. After a couple of trials, I finally found a version that was okay to share despite how outrageous the lyrics even are. It’s a scary world out there, I tell ya. And the things youngsters listen to/are exposed to today is even more scary. There, I just had to aunty it up somehow. Here it is; this blasphemous yet catchy tune that’s caught me in a trance like spin.


Moving on to more interesting things, the craving for a really strong and earthy cup of filter coffee made itself present yesterday. So I decided to fix myself a stiff one and have it for lunch given my caffeine sensitivity – my night sleep gets disrupted if I have a cup of tea (forget coffee) after 3pm, especially on a weekday when I really need to keep my sleep routine intact. However, because Murphy exists, the same case does not apply when I consciously have a cup of tea post 3pm on a weekend just so that I don’t become an aunty and head to bed by 930pm. This world has a strange way of functioning; it’s laughable.

That said cup mug of coffee happened and it had me from the first sip. It is hearty, warm, comforting and enveloping to be cradled and swathed in the feeling of having a really, really, good cup of tea or coffee. Nothing else matters in that moment, really. Do you also feel that way? Thy cup brimmeth with all things good and maybe that’s why I’m in absolutely no mood to care about the rest of the world even a day after that caffeine intake happened. In fact, today’s morning tea sort of felt insipid which is not how I wanted my day to start – but like Monica once said, I’ve lost the will to scold…except in my case, I’ve lost the will to care. My mug brimmeth over.

The weather is slowly turning but the heat isn’t. I’ve no idea when it will, and again, I’ve given up. The trees and plants around me do look fresher and greener but when it comes to living in NCR, it all feels like an illusion because the next day goes back to looking like no storm even took place. I might as well imagine that we live in a desert what with dust storms taking over. And that’s exactly what happens here. Our hour long flight dragged on for over four hours thanks to a dust storm that seized operations all over IGI. And while we were descending to land, once the strong winds and storm had subsided, it still felt we were going through a roller-coaster ride. I kept peeping out of my window whenever I could open my eyes, only to find sheets of rain illuminated every time the aircraft’s lights flickered – it looked so scary and monstrous that it reminded me of those fake scary sets old movies used to have. It was scary, in a very dramatic way. Bangalore seems so calm and collected, in comparison. So proper.

But it’s a good day to just let go and not think, worry, overthink, fret or even comprehend too much. And I’m going to do exactly that. Have a fabulous Thursday, folks!


1 Jul


I woke up to this today and I do strongly believe that it was there for me to see first thing in the morning. It’s seldom that I check my phone this early, but today was an exception. Perhaps I needed to be talked to, or see a mirror in the form of these words strung together. It reinforces my beliefs in signs. Almost every single day does.

Small reminders for today (to begin with);

  • It’s okay to be standing in the eye of the storm where nothing and no one, not even your own self, makes sense.
  • Let the whirlwinds of your insane thoughts consume you, completely. And have faith that you will re-emerge. Because you always will.
  • Stop fighting. Experience the experience till it can consume you no more. It feels powerful to be in that place because you’re invincible to it in that moment. And you earned it.
  • This journey is for you to make. Alone. How you choose to decorate your path, and with what, is albeit fruitful, but temporary. Because when you’re done, you’re standing all alone.
  • Being alone does not equal being lonely. You have a choice.
  • Words of wisdom are not for the weak because they didn’t come from the weak. If you cannot accept or imbibe them, perhaps there’s something else in store for you.
  • Every picture needn’t be perfect.
  • Let. Go.
  • Nothing is permanent. Nothing.
  • Believe. In your self, your strengths, your capabilities and your knowledge. Believe.
  • The strongest superhero is watching you from within and has been all this while.
  • Welcome today, because you’re here. Yesterday is already a closed chapter and not even time is sure of tomorrow.
  • Drink your coffee slowly. Let it tingle the farthest reaches of your senses.
  • Learn. Always. It opens doors and throws sunbeams our way we may have never known of.
  • Open your eyes. Let some light in.
  • Take a deep breath. And smile at your own fragrance.
  • Love.
  • Kiss.
  • Create magic by just being.


We’re always a work in progress (WIP), because we don’t want to be finished yet, do we?



22 Mar

Intuition. That’s what pushes us to surge forward or take that step back at that last millisecond. It’s what stays rock solid; unwavering through every single thought and emotion that may arise to conflict or fight it. It’s what stays unfaded way after the moment passes. It’s what comes into power when we need that last piece of advice, that last vote of confidence. It’s what appears from nowhere; unwarranted, unexpected, unapologetically uninhibited.

It’s what sails us through. It’s what we all have but fail to give the importance it deserves. Sometimes. If you’ve been, or are, the intuitive sort who goes with your gut almost every single time, you’re an expert at gauging your senses or maybe you’ve just got a rock-solid faith in yourself. It’s applause-worthy.

Have you ever figured you ought to have listened to your inner voice earlier? Has that inner voice, no matter how soft or subtle, been right, been bang on? I’ve felt it every single time even if I didn’t heed it in the moment.

I’m here not to talk about the miracles of listening to your own self. Neither am I here to preach. I’m here to recognize its power and say just how grateful I am because I’m glad I listened. This one time, at least. Because I stuck to it from the very beginning.

Life has this weird way of making us meet all kinds of people. In retrospect, I guess these people walk our way because we need to realize just how much trash is out there and how important it is to listen to our inner voice. Maybe this is life’s way of helping us be more sensitive to what we’ve been blessed with; to recognize when it’s okay to be stupid and when it’s not, to know when it’s time to walk that path our intuition points towards even if that means having to walk it alone.

Have you ever made “friends” and walked each day with them with that itch knowing something isn’t as right as it should be or should feel like? Have you ever been faced head on with a moment where you trust and bare it all or hold back at the cost of straining relationships? And have you kept your guard up and felt nothing but confident, as opposed to guilt? Isn’t it exhilarating to know you really do not have to fit in at all times, that you can stand out and be pointed fingers at but that you kept your integrity intact, that you didn’t give in because it was the trend to give in?

Call it growing up or learning how to survive this world which is filled with trash where one man’s food is another man’s poison. While it comes at the very (so called) expensive cost of losing out on a lot, it’s reassuring to know that through it all, you managed just fine. That that one sense which probably has the most meek voice, is in fact what helps move mountains. And when you look back eventually, if you care to, you realize that the stuff you thought you missed out on was really just that trash’s trash.

It’s important to make that distinction. It’s important to know the difference between being alone and conforming for the sake of being “accepted”. It’s important to know when it’s alright and when it’s not alright. It’s absolutely okay. Because, in the end, you do emerge unscathed and untouched. There’s no wonder they call it the sixth sense; the one that powers through it all, that makes you rise, even if they’re ashes you’re rising from. Or trash cans, as it were.

Here’s more power to each and every one of us who’s walked the path not taken. Here’s keeping the faith. Here’s moving forward on the road we choose to walk on. Life is such a weird journey. Big love and gratitude all through. <3

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