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155: Sundays Of A Different Kind

4 Jun

This was spent sitting on a wooden seat at St. Patrick’s Church during Sunday mass, taking in Sunday mornings from a different perspective. 

It was followed by this debauchery with R, over conversations, laughter, reminiscing, and joy. 

Apt for a Bangalore Sunday morning after a long time. :)

Now on to the match!


148: It’s Sunyay Today

28 May

I woke up at an unusual 6:30am thanks to a prickly bladder that wouldn’t relent till I got myself to the bathroom. There was no point in drifting back to sleep because while sleep-walking to the bathroom, I happened to get a glimpse of the weather through my door; and let’s just say it was too good to pass over sleeping in an air-conditioned room. Today morning feels like a beautiful Sunday morning in Bangalore. Despite all the changes that have happened to my home city, I still continue using it as a yardstick wherever I go. It’s true when whoever it was said that Bangaloreans are spoilt people. I haven’t found a single person who doesn’t use the (unfairly) high standards of Bangalore’s weather as a comparison. But then we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do, no?

Thinking I’d get a round of laundry done while my piping hot tea reached a more drinkable temperature, I found said laundry already done, except I don’t remember when I did it in the first place. It made me feel both stupid and productive. I’m now on my third batch, and also tuned into a Sunday morning playlist on YouTube, and thoroughly enjoying this morning as it is. The only thing that has been nagging me is the sudden demise of most of my plants who have, I presume, been attacked by pests. What was one a bunch of lively, green, beautifully healthy plants is now an arid bunch of brown stems with all those gorgeous leaves dead and gone.

Given that I will be travelling, I am feeling apprehensive about this outbreak that has made my garden look ghostly. I’m standing on the precipice of giving into these feelings of sadness and helplessness versus giving my babies time to fight and make a comeback. It’s a difficult experience – to stand by and not intervene versus throwing myself into this pit of disease and darkness that has taken away all the hard work I’d put in to see my plants become what they once were. :( Do pray for my plants, will you? It is disheartening to see them perish and become lifeless.

I do also have to head in to work for a bit today, because a teacher’s life is never hers alone.

Having said that, I’ll take your leave and think about breakfast while I let this affliction nag me till I can figure a way out. You have a lovely Sunday. :)

Scorpio Madness

8 Jul

I don’t usually read or even browse through these columns or pieces. This, however, did catch my attention when Ma read it out to me.


It caught my attention for various reasons, primarily because I felt a hoard of very anxiety attack-like symptoms effervesce inside me with every word and line she read. And the first thing that came to my mind was, wait, so this is all negative coated not so well in a deal with it or regret it kinda way. Thanks for that, Mr. Horoscope man. It’s not like you got me riled up enough about the supposed deep stuff you wrote that you had to go and tell me that my fate and fortune had a big conference meet and that I better accept whatever life plan they’d decided to chalk out for me?!?

I mean it’s fancy to say that everything’s done and decided but that there’s more, that I have the power to make changes and so much more. I appreciate the locus of control. I do believe we have the power to make decisions and chalk our path out irrespective of the stations and destinations fate has in store for us to visit and experience. But this is such a devil and deep sea kinda thing. And this is precisely why I don’t look at these columns. However, I’m still to figure out what it was that struck me enough to bring it here to share and talk about.

I like the way it’s worded. And that’s pretty much all I liked about it. Because I cannot be bothered about the rest, unless except there’s a pot if gold or something at the end of the read. Call me when you see that, Mr. Horoscope man!