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157: It’s A Feeling

6 Jun

…that of ordering sundaes from Corner House, and settling back into our respective couches to catch up on episodes of The Crown, which btw, we’re completely hooked on to.

From what I gauge, and from what is in fact the way of the world, all that glitters isn’t gold, and the grass always somehow looks greener on the other side.

Having said that, I will also maintain that I’ve always wanted to live like royalty, even if it was for just a day. Okay two. :P

154: Snapshots So Far

3 Jun

Some experiences are best described without words. 

Here are some of mine so far, and I’m letting these pictures do all the talking. 

Banana chips and post-dinner conversations

Saris, dosas, window shopping in Commercial Street.

Friday afternoons with family and these eyes

Impromptu visits, conversations, and homemade fish fry and prawn curry meals

Sunny, windy, shade-laden walks under these gentle giants

Andhra meals, laughter, and bubbly fresh lime sodas

Relaxing with baking

Things I’m Doing Before I Leave Bangalore – IV

4 Sep

Here’s another place that’s much more accessible and easy to go to when I’m craving a hearty, warm, soulful bowl of soup or noodle soup. Noodle soup is, in my honest opinion, that one complete, comforting meal that fits the bill whenever, wherever. You’re feeling ill – noodle soup. You’re feeling blue – noodle soup. It’s raining outside – noodle soup. You’re too lazy – noodle soup. You want something healthy – noodle soup. Wait, noodle soup is healthy right? Ah well, that really doesn’t matter when you get that most delightful goodness steaming away to glory right in front of you.

Close to where I work, Phobidden Fruit is a place I first ventured to because it was easy to go to. They serve us glorious bowls of spiced magic – pho – a traditional Vietnamese dish of flat noodles, broth that beams of the beauty of balanced flavours and star anise (oh dear lord), vegetables and spices; a dish I return to this place for every time. Most marvelous, especially when you’re privileged to live in a city like Bangalore, whose weather is enviable like you totally know how. :)

Because I’m not a beef-eater unless I really crave it, I first ordered their chicken pho.


Massive as it is, this one bowl is as hearty as a meal can get. But I’m not a fan of their chicken pho as much as I am a fan of their beef version. This one is truly up my alley and makes it all feel perfect.

FullSizeRender_1 (2)

If you’re at this place on a relatively warm day, I couple it with a Vietnamese iced coffee. Not the best one I’ve had, but it’s a great balance of hot and cold. Of course it’s a little much to have given the size of a pho helping; but a generous combination nonetheless.

Sometimes it doesn’t stop there when we order this.


Their chilli beef. Delectable and spicy; it’s a starter that I imagine going well with beer. But they do not serve alcohol and no one really cares. It goes down as soon as it appears on our table. And that says it all.

To end it, do try their lemongrass ice cream and/or their coconut sorbet. Mild, smooth, palate-cleansing; they appease your senses in the most refreshing way. Give them a try. They’re not wow, but definitely worth a try.

If you’re looking for a comforting, tender, loving, fulfilling and wholesome meal, this is a place to definitely visit. Set in a verandah by the garden of an erstwhile bungalow in Indiranagar, this place feels as Asian as its food gets. Give their fried rice dishes a miss and head straight for the authentic stuff – these dishes are a to die pho! (Sorry, I just had to!)

Things I’m Doing Before I Leave Bangalore – III

2 Sep

Maybe this post needs categories because of course one of the things I’m doing is visiting my favourite haunts which certainly cannot be listed under one small post. I told you not to be surprised if most of these posts are food related.

I love this place ever so much, and let’s be clear, I love the original place where we’ve all originally found it and eaten at. For a while there was speculation about the authenticity and original originality of this place, but I went to both these places by the same name and I’ve arrived at my decision – The Only Place, Museum Road, it always always will be. To me that’s the original I first went to and therefore link every association of it with this branch. Museum Road, opposite St. Josephs and just up the road from the (in)famous Church Street Empire.

While I couldn’t possibly eat everything I have eaten here, in one sitting, we could exchange notes of just all the awesomeness that oozes out of this tile-roofed, verandah-in-the-middle, perpetually booked restaurant.

People had already raved about this place eons before I could even afford a meal on my own money. And this was one of those places I’d mentally made a note of to visit as soon as I had enough disposable income to, well, blow up on fancy plates of food. No, I didn’t come from a background that necessitated eating out at very fancy places and Casa Picola on Cunningham road for Sunday lunches was as fancy as it got. Do you remember that place? Oh how we used to love that outlet and its food; especially its heartwarming chicken pot pie served with a side of crunchy buttered garlic bread. That was our Sunday family tradition and one I’m forever grateful to mom for starting. I’m glad we come from a time when one meal outside of home was extraordinary and special enough minus the labels having “just one meal outside” could bring along. Anyhoo.

So, just after I started my first job after finishing my Bachelor’s course is when I made my debut entry to this place. Still a bit steep for my meager budget preferences, I first began my journey at this restaurant with their then 200 rupee Salisbury Steak (the cheapest one on the menu); one that is made with ground meat, topped with gravy and baby onions and served with a side of mashed potatoes and butter garlic bread. It was my first ever steak from a famous, “fancy” place and it was an experience I will always remember – a peppery, delightful and absolutely filling meal. Give it a try if you don’t mind minced meat. Unfortunately other dishes have caught my fancy and given that it’s been a while since I had the Salisbury steak, there is no picture.

I also do not have a picture of their cheesey fries; another staple we use to and still do order by default. Cheesey fries and lemon iced teas are a combination that’s hard to say no to, especially on a hot summer’s day or a cool winter’s night or at any other given time, date or weather forecast in Bangalore. It’s another order I’ll never say no to despite the fact that it has changed over the years and isn’t the same dish of cheesey fries we first had. That was a bowl full of magic with melted cheese on top, on the side, at the bottom, in the middle, in the air…you name it! But this puts a lot of other cheesey fries we’ve had, to shame. I mean really, how hard are cheesey fries to put on the table? Or am I missing something?

Feeling American-ish (whazzthatevensupposedtomean?) is what makes me crave this place, and this is what I order to satisfy my craving.


A Juicy Lucy without cheese and a fried egg, if I want a burger minus all the heaviness. This one has egg because I was either too lost dreaming about my food or eating some food that I forgot to tell the waiter about it. You could skip the cheese on top because this burger patty *waitforit* has melted cheese right inside it. It’s quite amazing to bite into a Juicy Lucy – it’s an experience I cannot explain. Just imagine juicy, well seasoned meat and melted cheese – it should do. Tuck into it, seal the deal with fries, wash it down with your favourite beverage (mine here is lemon iced tea) and you should be set; burger-wise and feeling American-ish-wise. Totally recommended and recommended some more.

Then there are days when I’m feeling rather indulgent (mind you, I still do find this place expensive sometimes); and that’s when I order this baby.


The OP’s Special Fish. Today it’s a whopping 450 bucks. I do feel extravagant when I order this and save it for only those times when I’m craving a beautifully cooked fish fillet browned in butter, lemon and spices. Oh my gawwd, Jesus Christ. Grilled fish in lemon butter with vegetables is just my most favourite meal in the whole wide world. I’m not exaggerating when I say this is the good stuff. If you don’t believe me, then hopefully the picture will be convincing enough. This is served with mashed potatoes and wilted greens on the side; go right for it. Since my fish cravings primarily lead me to Keralite restaurants, this one isn’t something I order a lot. Like I said, I prefer fish fries and the like and imagine how many fish I could eat for the price of this one fillet. Sorry but fish makes me greedy. Just only always hope that the fish you get at any restaurant is clean, fresh and you’re good to fly away on your magic carpet ride.

And for the final, as almost all of you who’ve been to The Only Place would’ve guessed, here’s what I always pick for dessert.


Their apple pie with cream +/- ice cream. It’s not too apple-y, not too cinnamon-y, not too spicy, not too sweet, not too mushy, not too crusty, not perfect at all – but it’s the good stuff you want on your table and maybe a helping some more.

It’s intriguing how ideals and perfection are so boring. I mean imagine a perfect looking apple pie and then place this broken, not so perfect one by its side. Really, please don’t be perfect. Breaks and tears and mushiness here and there is just the way to be.

You know it’s really good when you get a philosophical lesson out of it.

I’ll be coming back for more!

The Miracles of Pub Food

25 Mar

I doubt I need to say any more about what this blog post is going to be about. :)

For one, I’m here again, drinking tea on a weekday evening because life this month can safely be categorised in the FML section, without a doubt. I’m not going to bitch about it because I hear it’s going to get worse, so maybe you’ll be witness to my rants and hair-tearing sessions in sometime, worry not. It’s uncanny whoever came up with these random sayings and thoughts, the one of their’s I choose to use right now is “when it rains, it pours.” However, Bangalore’s pouring in that summer heat on her denizens, alright. I never thought the city would see this day and that even if she did, it would be in some God-forsaken era when I’d be long dead. But here are those rather brutal 38 centigrades beaming down on us strong and steady, and here are you and I. Peachy.

Since the weekend seems so far away, I figured I’d talk about the one that went past us most recently because I really have to. And before I begin, I must remind you that I (still) am on Lent.

If you’re a resident of Bangalore, have you visited the good ol’ Windsor Pub? If you haven’t, I’d recommend a visit. We started going there quite young because back in the day when parents and their friends liked their pints of beer, you’d tag along as well, because times back in those days were amazing. It certainly wasn’t as messed up, complicated or difficult enough to warrant IDs. (Not that I think IDs are bad at all. In fact, I’m glad there’s some semblance of checking, if there is any.) So we’d tag along and get to eat all the good food because when parents drink, they’re happy. And when parents drink their chilled draught, they can be the best parents ever. Right? :D


Pub food has always fascinated me because it’s so unapologetic about the way it is. And by this I mean that it never really has to meet any particular gourmet standard. Therefore I like using the adjective unapologetic because it’s there, and you enjoy it. There’s no pretence, there’s no fakeness, there’s just some God-awesome food. And each and every pub has such a characteristic array of foods signature to it, even if all of them serve you that plate of french fries.

I’m not a pub-hopper because most of them are either too loud or too garish (music/ambience/crowd-wise) for me. But I’ve had some of the best foods at these places and I’d go back for seconds without a doubt. Heck, I’d take in that extra loud music and kids acting crazy just so I can eat. But I cannot imagine a pub without that loud music and loudness in general. I don’t think it’d be a pub if it were sombre and played piano classics in the background. That’d make it a lounge bar, I guess. So yes, it’s crazy, but I’d take all that a pub has to offer so I can eat and eat and eat.


It’s obvious that Murphy’s still alive and kicking because I happened to visit Windsor Pub over the weekend. The mother quite likes the place and so we decided to give it a visit. My only grouse with that place is that it’s so hard to find a table. But that apart, I think it’s pretty much up our alley of pubs we’d return to any day. So I was at a pub and I was (still am) a vegetarian and a non-drinkard. Fancy situation to be in. But then I decided I was being too harsh on myself and decided to order what can only ever be one of the best things I’ve had at any given pub, anywhere. You may laugh all you want, but the magic I ordered that night was this.

IMG_9451 IMG_9452

Crab Rasam.

Rasam is and always has been such a Tamilian thing. I have no memories of rasam being any other way, forget being non-vegetarian. But given all the amazing food that was doing the rounds, I may have broken Lent by ordering myself crab rasam. And it was absolutely worth it all. For those of you who can digest the thought of a non-vegetarian rasam, do please have it. Don’t have the chicken rasam. Have the crab one. It also gives me a reason to go to a pub when sick. How beautiful is that?

This is one of the most mind-blowing rasams I have ever, ever, ever had. It’s tangy, spicy, peppery, light, warm, crazy, explosive and of course, magical. It’s everything you want a rasam to have, and with crab! It can not get better than that. It just cannot. Like I said, if you’re willing to go past the boundary lines of rasam, give this a shot. But I wonder how it’d go with beer. If you’re a non-vegetarian teetotaller at this pub, this should be on your list. Crab makes everything magical. I don’t think I fared bad for being in a pub during Lent. The mother and brother had this and they thought it could do better. The other dish of theirs I look forward to snarfing right down is the Andhra Curry Leaf Chicken. Delish!

IMG_9446 IMG_9445

Vegetable and Chicken Stews with Appams.

The one thing I love about pubs here is that they serve some of the most magnificent curries with dosas. I’ve gorged on the dosa+chicken curry combo at Pecos and the absolute bomb of dosa+crab curry/masala combo at Stones. Mind-blowing.

The other not so regular stuff I usually wouldn’t order when at a pub, but have had and thoroughly enjoyed is the Mushroom Manchurian at Purple Haze and the Chicken Tacos at Mojos. Of course, it’s needless to say that french fries are my weakness and that I’d wage a battle with you even in my sleep if you presented me with a plate of them.

I, unfortunately or fortunately do not have pictures of the beauties I’ve talked about. This only means many visits are impending. While Mojos looks like a new-age Pecos which I find rather chimney-like and therefore claustrophobic, let’s see what can be done to get my hands on the brilliance that is pub food. Some day, I’ll write about the magic of London’s pubs as well.

Are there dishes you’d recommend me to try? I’d love to. :)

Ending on a rather random but apt thought for the time-being, here’s what I found and thought.


Even the yuckiest things have a sense of beauty to them.

Here’s wishing you a lovely Tuesday. And if you’re going to drink, cheers to you!

PS, this post is not an advertisement or a paid article.

Simple Things

21 Mar

IMG_9345 IMG_9341 IMG_9343 IMG_9344 IMG_9361 IMG_9362 IMG_9363 IMG_9309To say that it’s been a hectic week is pushing it. Pinch me, I can’t believe the much awaited weekend’s finally here. It’s time to kick back and just be.

There isn’t much to say. I think my pictures will do all the talking that needs to be done. My head feels a tad bit overcrowded and maybe I need the caffeine to sort things out before I figure out what’s going on.

In the mean time, here’s what I’ve been hooked to ever since I heard it. It’s a track that played at the end credits of one of the episodes of this series called Girls. Have you watched it? I just about managed to catch up on its latest episodes and this one track stood out for everything it speaks of and of course, its placement in the episode. Give it a listen. It’s beautiful. It’s apt. It speaks my mind.

Smoke with me babe
And lay with me babe
Laugh with me babe
I just want (the) simple things
I just want you.

So simple. So powerful.

It’s been a week of indulgence all through. Which reminds me, I’ve been talking to my friends about randomly wanting a burrito loaded with goodness and that occasional cappuccino because sometimes you just want that random burrito and cappuccino. And from nowhere, both happened. It’s strange how things happen. Not that it’s hard to find these things today. It’s just strange how they come to you when they do.

You could give California Burrito a try, if you haven’t already. I can just about manage to finish (and by finish, I mean stuff my face beyond belief) a mini burrito. I still feel rather full from lunch, that’s the only hiccup. But I can’t bare to waste that mini burrito. It’s just wrong to do so. I quite like the spicy chicken one. My friends do have their rice bowl and they quite enjoy it. But I don’t think I have the stomach for it, not for the time being at least. Sigh.

Simple things.

That’s what the good life’s all about.

Thank you for listening to this random post.

Have a beautiful Friday.

PS, Mexican food is…rajma-centric and still so top notch!


17 May

Infinitea is a tea cafe right here in the city; one I’ve been going to for a very long time now. As its name suggests, this is a small place which serves tea of all kinds and from almost every place in the world. It’s divine, if you’re into tea i.e.

P texted me one evening and said she wanted to go visit because she hadn’t had the chance to go there since she got back from the US. You’ve met her here. It’s ironic because having been neighbours, I don’t recollect us ever having gone there together. So this was spontaneous, new and fun. Plus I think we got the best seats on the first floor with a good view of everything including the two couples who could’ve possibly been sitting on each other. Anyway… here’s why I think we got the best seats.


I love the lamps, I love the duskiness outside, I love the yellowness inside, I love the feeling of warmth the place exudes, I love how cozy it makes me feel, I love the graffiti on the walls…I love it all.


As I said earlier, Infinitea has been a place I’ve been coming to way before I could even afford it entirely. I used to visit this place back in college because it was so close by and because back then I had the softest spot for iced teas. And they do serve a variety of iced teas which you should check out if iced tea is your thing. I enjoy mango quite a bit. My grandmum didn’t feel the same way.

There are two favourite staples here when it comes to food.


Steamed chicken momos.

It’s a crime to not like steamed chicken momos, especially from here. I’m telling you. I must admit my love for momos was acquired albeit at an early age, but even though a lot of people do not really fancy this dish/snack, it’s worth a try. Why? Because steamed chicken momos with a side of spicy red chilli sauce and a Tibetan version of salsa features in the top 10 of one’s all time comfort foods. It’s the law of the universe. I didn’t invent it. Here, at Infinitea, they serve the momos with a tangy, spicy tomatoey sauce which is their signature sauce because I haven’t encountered it anywhere else.

I never ate momos here earlier because they are pretty steeply priced at INR 180 approx per plate which is a ridiculous amount especially when you’ve eaten wayyyyy better at INR 15 approx a plate. I think they’re making up for the cost of the bowl they serve it in. Having said that, their momos definitely hit the ball out of the park and are worth a try at least once.


My second most favourite thing to eat here is their Chicken Oriental Salad which comes with a peanut sauce dressing. And trust me when I tell you that it’s so worth a try if salads are your thing. Salads are never my thing. But this one is. It’s crunchy, crispy, tasty, refreshing and exudes just the right amount of “healthiness” from it. I cannot accept stuff that makes me feel like I’ve consumed hemp, you get what I’m saying? There has to be meat and it has to taste good and yeah, it needs to make me happy! Not asking for much.


I don’t know how this picture came here but I’m not sorry because I want you to try these out if you’re in the city! :D

So the evening was cozy, cushy and yellow. It was filled with conversations, catching up, avoiding PDA being thrown in our face and a general sense of satisfaction.

P ordered a chicken steak which was what she was drooling over since she left for Boston. And then someone told her about it and then she decided to rush to Infinitea right from the airport because she just had to. Not. But she did have the steak and she loved it. She loved it because she could taste butter. See? Butter is invaluable. I didn’t fancy the steak much because it smelled eggy and was coated in a thickish coating of an egg batter which is not how I like to eat my steaks. But I’m glad she got her steak and enjoyed it and I’m not so glad that I didn’t get a picture of it to put up.

Whilst we ate, I did this too because I’m like that. Only because it’s a pretty place. Otherwise it’s hard to separate me from my food.


Pretty, aint it?

Because no tea was consumed that evening (LOL!), I shall put up another post about their teas when I soak myself in their brews. All I can say is that I really miss the vanilla tea I used to have. They don’t serve that anymore.

You can check this place out at:

Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore.
(It’s actually on Cunningham Road, diagonally opposite Sigma Mall)

Note: This is not a paid article.

Eat Out – Millers 46

18 Dec

This is a place I visit quite frequently. It’s been around for a while now and has gone from being a place I would barely visit to a place I love hanging out at. It’s a classic American style steak house complete with a saloon on the 2nd floor. The place has been done up quite well and the ambiance is that of casual dining. You find everything cowboy-ish and cowgirl-ish here. There’s a well stocked bar and it’s a fun place to hang out at. It used to have the Happy Hours scheme which made it an adda (hangout) for us till they figured they didn’t want us hanging around anymore. :P

Anyway, here’s Millers 46 for you. I don’t have many pictures of the place as such because I’m a dud that way. I don’t usually have my camera around. And when I do, I’m more engrossed in the food and company. I personally find it very awkward and weird to go around someone’s restaurant clicking pictures of their decor, ceiling, walls, restrooms and what have you unless of course I’ve been asked to or am paid to. So yeah. I try and take pictures as and when I feel like or have enough alcohol in me to not care much about being a dud who walks all over the place clicking pictures. Cuz yes, I do care about things like that. I’m non-intrusive that way. After that deviation, let’s move back to introducing Millers 46 to you.

millers 46, bangalore, restaurant, steak house

Again, did I tell you how much I love this sort of yellow, soft lighting? Teehee. It makes me so happy. Here’s one of what the saloon looks like.

millers 46, bangalore, restaurant, steak house

See? I click empty tables rather than groups of people. Invasion of privacy. Being intrusive, not my thing. Also, this just shows how early we end up going there. We’re all in for the good stuff, peeps! :)

And of course, there’s only two things to look forward to over and above your company. Food and Alcohol. Here’s what everyone I know always orders at Millers because it’s just the done thing. An experience at Millers isn’t the same without these. Before that, you encounter one of God’s best creations on the table as you seat yourself – herb garlic butter with their bread basket. There isn’t a pot of butter I look forward to more than I do over here. Sometimes we shamelessly ask for more because every friend literally wants their own share of butter (and substantial amounts of it). You’ve got to try it to believe me. There’s just no other way, sorry. And for those of you who have sunk your teeth into anything laden with that butter know exactly what I’m talking about. That butter goes on almost everything we eat. And the picture is as bad as how awesome the butter is.

garlic butter, food, millers 46, bangalore, eat out


OK, here’s what we always order at Millers. Like I mentioned earlier on in this post, dining at Millers is never complete without the following.

millers 46, bangalore, restaurant, steak housechicken wings, food, millers 46, bangalore, restaurant

Their amazing saucy chicken wings. You can opt for a plate of 10 or 20 either mild, medium or spicy. They are one of the most beautiful plates of wings my friends and I have eaten. We usually order them as we enter and then have a look at the menu. That’s how it goes down with us. And because you have to have an accompanying beverage, we always opt for this.

LIT, long island iced tea, drink, beverage, alcohol, millers 46, restaurant, bangalore

LIT, long island iced tea, alcohol, drink, beverage, millers 46, restaurant, bangalore

A pitcher of their Long Island Iced Tea. That’s some gorgeous stuff right in that pitcher. Try it to believe it. Hot chicken wings + LIT = a hit! It cannot go wrong. Never. Not even on a cold winter’s night. For those of you who do not have alcohol, you could try out their regular iced teas or beverages. I’m not very knowledgeable about that section. My apologies.

And here’s what I usually order because I don’t really eat beef or pork or lamb or mutton as a main.

millers 46, bangalore, restaurant, steak housechicken, chicken steak, millers 46, bangalore

Grilled Chicken and Cheese Steak with Mushroom Sauce. It’s quite a handful. And I love it. A good mix of everything. Very scrumptious. Very delectable. Very hearty. Very American. Very me.

For the vegetarians, I highly recommend their pastas. The vegetable penne in cream sauce or spinach sauce is outstanding. Comfort food. And very filling.

Give this place a try! Here are the details.

Millers 46,

46, Millers Road (LOL!)

Vasanth Nagar

Bangalore – 52.

It would be best to give them a buzz if you’re heading there on a weekend and make a reservation.