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157: It’s A Feeling

6 Jun

…that of ordering sundaes from Corner House, and settling back into our respective couches to catch up on episodes of The Crown, which btw, we’re completely hooked on to.

From what I gauge, and from what is in fact the way of the world, all that glitters isn’t gold, and the grass always somehow looks greener on the other side.

Having said that, I will also maintain that I’ve always wanted to live like royalty, even if it was for just a day. Okay two. :P


From What I Hear…

2 Jun

Bangalore is currently like this.


It was around this time last year when I clicked this picture en route to a random and very impromptu all-girls drive to Nandi Hills. The road was all ours, the sky inviting, the weather literally huggable. Much music of all sorts ranging from A.R. Rehman to The Beatles to John Lennon to songs from the Tamil movie Kadal were heard along the way. This one in particular.


I love it and have loved it ever since it came into existence. There’s such a genteelness to it, such a breeziness and lightness to it.

I love Tamil songs. There’s just something so enigmatic, free, easy, sprightly about them. There’s something extremely personal, hidden, mystifying yet poetic and personalized about them. Each song can speak to its listener in ways that are subjective, making each of us feel like they were made for our very special yet private understanding; encompassing the voices of our heart, the pages of our mind and its memories, the soul of our life, as they percolate into our experience and embrace us. There’s a quality about them that I haven’t felt before from any other kind of music, over and above the fact that I do not understand Tamil. Almost facepalm.

Anyway, along with soothing music that allows for cruising on freshly rained roads, chai was had. Lots. Which makes me remember this so much.


Egg puffs. They take me back to my college days when they were consumed on a daily basis by default. A good, hot, fresh and crispy egg puff to go with that measly paper cup of chai between rushed ten minute breaks between classes was what, I felt, was a major reason I even went to college on the actual pretext of obnoxious attendance standards that needed maintaining. So good, those puffs. So good.

I had one the other day and what a shame it was…such a non-puff it was. It made me miss these you get so easily back in Bangalore. A puff and a warm slice of fresh dilkhush (fresh grated coconut pies bejewelled with tuti-fruti pieces). Joy. I’m certain about not finding dilkhush here, but the hunt for that puff is on – I’m sure to find it sometime soon. Hopefully the rains would have set in by then.

It’s so confusing when you feel at home in more than one place because that just makes it harder, especially when you do not have the finances to support the indulgence of these feelings. If I could, I would be lost in the following:


Hot Chips



Donne Biryani (Mutton)



Mince on Toast at Koshy’s


photo 3 (1)

Fried Calamari with Draught Beer

Oh yes, I would be.

Oh wait, and this.


Death by Chocolate

I’d prefer the smaller Fudge version, but yes, how could I not?