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60: Looking Back On February

1 Mar

February 2017 was…





full of food

full of family

full of friends,

and just fabulous.

She did have wind beneath her wings, this one. If January was a slow month, February was everything in the opposite direction. She was a breath of fresh air, and I’m still gasping trying to catch my breath.

This month was all about letting go, relaxing, and giving myself my due priority. It was the month where I switched off my alarms (even though that happened only about 10 days ago), ate without thinking twice, indulged in the luxury of afternoon naps (when they didn’t evade me), and of pampering myself in whichever way I could. That weighing scale I’d mentioned in my January post still hasn’t been bought, though. :|

It’s been a good month; the best yet. While my cup feels immeasurably full; my words seem to be running dry.

I hope you’ve had an interesting month too!

Let’s March on. :)