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25: Phofect

25 Jan

Back when I was in Bangalore, I loved frequenting this eatery named Phobidden Fruit located in Indiranagar. I’ve written about it here, before. The weather is peachy, windy, and just generally gorgeous today. It entices me to think about lovely things like a good, generous bowl of pho (pronounced as just ph), apart from unending walks, and ice creams too.

FullSizeRender_1 (2)

Beef Pho with Vietnamese Iced/Cold Coffee

If there’s anything that’s light, playful, and embracing in its ways, it’s a bowl of pho, I assure you. It promises and delivers love, warmth, generosity, good health, and so much fun. Like in the post I’ve attached, the assurance of all things good which you might find yourself craving all at once, can be found in this dish. There’s a beautiful broth, non-sticky flat noodles, succulent meat, crunchy vegetables, and the lift and perfume of spices as you dig deeper. What steals my heart is the role that star anise plays. This dish has always been perfect, and one that I’m afraid to try anywhere else for the fear of being disappointed, to very plainly put it.


Chicken Pho


Chilli Beef

The restaurant, on the whole, is colourful, and alive, which I love about it. The fact that it isn’t as bright and brimming with natural light, is a slight regret I have about the place, but given that it’s in a restored bungalow on a canopied Bangalore street, it’s understandable, and even pardonable, if natural light really does matter to you.

Because I’m a creature of habit, and because this restaurant isn’t even close to my area of functioning, my infrequent visits find me ordering exactly what I trudge all the way to this place to have: pho. Their chilli beef is a total knockout too, and if you’re feeling indulgent or ravenous, it’s a wonderful dish to begin your meal with. I personally try to avoid it, not because it isn’t amazing, but because I like to indulge and treat myself to the perfect marriage of flavours that a bowl of pho presents me with. This dish becomes a little extra special when it’s rainy or overcast and chilly. Perfect.

This isn’t a paid review of any kind, and how I wish it was, because I’d love to savour this magic at this very moment. However, the weather here made me put my thoughts on Donald and Melania Trump, among other hugely overtalked issues, aside, and remember what would complement it best instead.

If you’re in Bangalore, and enjoy a bowl of noodle soup, do drop by and treat yourself to a chicken pho, if not its beef counterpart, which I recommend more. :)


16 Sep

Friday Feels.

Especially when spicy food and dessert cravings have been successfully demolished by the hands of biryani and mishti doi.

There’s nothing a good biryani cannot do. Promise.

For an equally promising mishti doi, try Mother Dairy’s. It’s the closest to what I’ve had and liked in Kolkata. Light, super smooth, just the right hit of sweetness and readily available; easily the best new dairy entrant on the shelf, and on par with Amul’s Herbed Butter. Knockouts, both.

Things I’m Doing Before I Leave Bangalore – IV

4 Sep

Here’s another place that’s much more accessible and easy to go to when I’m craving a hearty, warm, soulful bowl of soup or noodle soup. Noodle soup is, in my honest opinion, that one complete, comforting meal that fits the bill whenever, wherever. You’re feeling ill – noodle soup. You’re feeling blue – noodle soup. It’s raining outside – noodle soup. You’re too lazy – noodle soup. You want something healthy – noodle soup. Wait, noodle soup is healthy right? Ah well, that really doesn’t matter when you get that most delightful goodness steaming away to glory right in front of you.

Close to where I work, Phobidden Fruit is a place I first ventured to because it was easy to go to. They serve us glorious bowls of spiced magic – pho – a traditional Vietnamese dish of flat noodles, broth that beams of the beauty of balanced flavours and star anise (oh dear lord), vegetables and spices; a dish I return to this place for every time. Most marvelous, especially when you’re privileged to live in a city like Bangalore, whose weather is enviable like you totally know how. :)

Because I’m not a beef-eater unless I really crave it, I first ordered their chicken pho.


Massive as it is, this one bowl is as hearty as a meal can get. But I’m not a fan of their chicken pho as much as I am a fan of their beef version. This one is truly up my alley and makes it all feel perfect.

FullSizeRender_1 (2)

If you’re at this place on a relatively warm day, I couple it with a Vietnamese iced coffee. Not the best one I’ve had, but it’s a great balance of hot and cold. Of course it’s a little much to have given the size of a pho helping; but a generous combination nonetheless.

Sometimes it doesn’t stop there when we order this.


Their chilli beef. Delectable and spicy; it’s a starter that I imagine going well with beer. But they do not serve alcohol and no one really cares. It goes down as soon as it appears on our table. And that says it all.

To end it, do try their lemongrass ice cream and/or their coconut sorbet. Mild, smooth, palate-cleansing; they appease your senses in the most refreshing way. Give them a try. They’re not wow, but definitely worth a try.

If you’re looking for a comforting, tender, loving, fulfilling and wholesome meal, this is a place to definitely visit. Set in a verandah by the garden of an erstwhile bungalow in Indiranagar, this place feels as Asian as its food gets. Give their fried rice dishes a miss and head straight for the authentic stuff – these dishes are a to die pho! (Sorry, I just had to!)