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From What I Hear…

2 Jun

Bangalore is currently like this.


It was around this time last year when I clicked this picture en route to a random and very impromptu all-girls drive to Nandi Hills. The road was all ours, the sky inviting, the weather literally huggable. Much music of all sorts ranging from A.R. Rehman to The Beatles to John Lennon to songs from the Tamil movie Kadal were heard along the way. This one in particular.


I love it and have loved it ever since it came into existence. There’s such a genteelness to it, such a breeziness and lightness to it.

I love Tamil songs. There’s just something so enigmatic, free, easy, sprightly about them. There’s something extremely personal, hidden, mystifying yet poetic and personalized about them. Each song can speak to its listener in ways that are subjective, making each of us feel like they were made for our very special yet private understanding; encompassing the voices of our heart, the pages of our mind and its memories, the soul of our life, as they percolate into our experience and embrace us. There’s a quality about them that I haven’t felt before from any other kind of music, over and above the fact that I do not understand Tamil. Almost facepalm.

Anyway, along with soothing music that allows for cruising on freshly rained roads, chai was had. Lots. Which makes me remember this so much.


Egg puffs. They take me back to my college days when they were consumed on a daily basis by default. A good, hot, fresh and crispy egg puff to go with that measly paper cup of chai between rushed ten minute breaks between classes was what, I felt, was a major reason I even went to college on the actual pretext of obnoxious attendance standards that needed maintaining. So good, those puffs. So good.

I had one the other day and what a shame it was…such a non-puff it was. It made me miss these you get so easily back in Bangalore. A puff and a warm slice of fresh dilkhush (fresh grated coconut pies bejewelled with tuti-fruti pieces). Joy. I’m certain about not finding dilkhush here, but the hunt for that puff is on – I’m sure to find it sometime soon. Hopefully the rains would have set in by then.

It’s so confusing when you feel at home in more than one place because that just makes it harder, especially when you do not have the finances to support the indulgence of these feelings. If I could, I would be lost in the following:


Hot Chips



Donne Biryani (Mutton)



Mince on Toast at Koshy’s


photo 3 (1)

Fried Calamari with Draught Beer

Oh yes, I would be.

Oh wait, and this.


Death by Chocolate

I’d prefer the smaller Fudge version, but yes, how could I not?


Things I’m Eating In Bangalore

10 Sep

To help further categorize my gastronomic necessities and adventures, I’m classifying all these posts on places I’m eating at in Bangalore before I leave, under this title. Because as surprising as it is to even me, there are things other than eating that I would like to engage in that remind me of Bangalore as well, if not more. Shocking, indeed.

Also, to slightly deviate, did you notice my in-your-face background? Testing times, this blog is going through, eh? Let’s see what next. It still isn’t it, but it currently satisfies that ants-in-my-pants need to do something on this blog. Also, going the parchment way makes me feel like I’m writing substantial stuff even though it may hardly even classify to be. Now that I’ve made my self feel a bit better, let me proceed to the next tale of how I’ve been adding copious amounts of fat to my body.

This is with what.


Ja ja, courtesy Bangalore’s longtime sweetheart, Corner House’s ice creams and sundaes. You’re welcome.

This is that one universal spot that makes Bangaloreans and non-Bangaloreans alike, converge at. Be it for brunch, lunch, for dinner, a midnight snack, a drive treat, a rainy day’s companion, a feast, a nibble – you name it, and we’re all here, gobbling away at their varied range of ice cream sundaes. From saving space at fancy restaurants for a trip to Corner House later to crowding its space after college over conversations and swiftly melting scoops (pun intended), from family gatherings to crazy orders at work, there’s not a time I remember when we didn’t turn to this place. Heck, I’m (blindly) sure that folks on a “strict” diet visit this place too. As do our folks who live outside Bangalore; this is a place they look forward to visiting and one that we feel so proud taking them to.

It’s a place I will always associate with home because it is non-fussy, not ornate, comfortable, comforting and definitely only fancy in taste – the stuff that defines a classy home meal and one that makes you come back for more. What was once just a tiny and overwhelmingly crowded corner shop on Residency Road, which I first got introduced to so many years back that it’s hard to remember or even count, has now multiplied generously all across the city and its outskirts only. No mister, you cannot find them in Mumbai or Delhi, New York or even on a plane leaving from Bangalore. I guess that’s what makes it even more Bangalorean than ever and its loyalty makes me beam; except now when I won’t be able to just take an auto and get my fix whenever I want.

It was the first place I ever wrote about when I worked at a newspaper and it comes a full circle when I write about it today as my Bangalore chapter comes to a close. It’s not like their products are imported or fancy; I think it’s just the sheer confidence and belief in doling out combination after combination that makes them such a hit. However, they do have a magic chocolate sauce which is what lifts their chocolate-based sundaes like no other chocolate sauce does or ever can. But do note that there’s only so much of it that you can eat, which has its benefits, because I doubt anyone ever wants to get sick of the place.

While many find it overrated and not as great as they imagined, it is to many of us that quintessential small-town ice cream parlour that is everyone’s go to. In fact, the first time I ever went to this place was on a very cold, rainy night, where I dug into my first hot chocolate fudge standing under an umbrella. It’s these small experiences that count and one that I will hopefully remember for as long as I can. There’s a fondness to this place that makes it feel like a place you can always come back to at any time.

Because I’m not very adventurous with new dishes and combinations, I stick to my regulars and have of course, a few standard sundaes that I can blindly fall back on.


Hot Chocolate Fudge

This is a classic order of vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce and peanuts, which is something you can always count on if you’re not adventurous or in the mood to try anything fancy. Simple, delectable and delicious.



If you love fruits and ice cream, here’s the jackpot of all – a combination of fresh and canned fruits, ice cream, jelly and sauce. Most delightful. Though I’m not a fan of jelly, my staple fruit sundae orders are Peach Melba (vanilla ice cream, peaches and melba sauce) or even Impeached (a more versatile combination inclusive of fruits other than just peaches). You could even try their Fruit Jackpot, a favourite of my cousin’s who totally digs fruity sundaes.

My all-time fruit combinations are their fresh fruit with cream and ice cream combos, the highest ranking being this beauty.


Alphonso Mango with Cream and Ice Cream

One can even try their inviting strawberries with cream and ice cream during the strawberry season. They are even kind enough to tell you when the strawberries and mangoes are sweet enough to try.

No one can ever ever go wrong with a fruit and cream combination. Fruit-cream lovers, you know what I mean.


Chocolate Malt Thick Shake

There are days when I want something like an ice cream but wish not to have an ice cream (I’m weird, thank you). And for those days, I reserve this beauty. Made solely with ice cream, this shake is one to stir even the ice cream loyalists. So good. So thick. So tasty. Be sure to ask for the thick shake, because that’s where the goodness of ice cream lies. Yum.

And here’s for the final, though it’s here not because I order it but because it’s Corner House’s signature, do give this a try if your appetite permits.


Death by Chocolate

This magnum is for those true-blue chocoholics who can have it all and then some more. A meal by itself, do savour it when your chocolate cravings are at their worst (or best); enough to keep them satisfied for a while and more.

If you want something lighter and don’t mind eggs, you could give their chocolate mousse a try. Though not on top of my list, it’s one of those combinations I indulge in for the sake of eating something at Corner House.

Their Brownie Fudge Sundae, similar to the Chocolate Fudge Sundae, except with brownies, is another delight, should you want something cakey in your sundae.

When I really want something sweet, I opt for their Royal Butterscotch Sundae – this one is caramel heaven topped with butter roasted almonds. Delightful.

I’m going to miss this place and there isn’t enough I can write about it or its ice creams. All I can do is eat my fill and feel at peace for the madness that it can create.

Thank you, Corner House, for just being.

Mud Pie Madness

9 Apr

When the elder (cousin) brother and aunt visited us last week, I walked down memory lane more than just once. And to share with you one page of that walk down memory lane is this.


In my book, it’s called The Best Mud Pie Ever. It’s otherwise called the Chocolate Mud Pie with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. I think I like the title I gave it more. I’d like the official title a little more if it at least had the word Decadent in it.


Look at this beauty! Look at her sitting pretty and plump, calling out to me. And you, now. This one featured in my walk down memory lane because I first discovered this one many eons ago and I chanced upon her after quite so many years last week. I’m not a humongous chocolate fan not because I don’t enjoy chocolate (which would be so totally weird!) but because I just lean more towards desserts that don’t leave me feeling heavy and paralyzed, so to speak. So I do have my fair share of chocolate every now and then but I prefer staying away from the heavy stuff unless I’m feeling particularly hormonal or indulgent. :)

When we tucked into this one last week, it was just the way I remembered it when I last devoured it. This one’s got a lovely, light layer of cake with just the perfect amount and consistency of molten chocolate inside. The cake isn’t dry or tasteless and it almost makes us itch to break it open because you can actually see the chocolate goodness waiting to (I despise using the word) ooze out.


So break it open, we did. And marvel at it, we did. And swoon and oooh and aahh, we did. When you have something like this in front of you, it’d be foolish to sit pretty and wait. You gotta get in and get dirty. There’s just no other way. And I trust you know that this is the best way to ever go about a mudpie. Or anything molten chocolate, for that matter.

I like that it’s complex and simple all in one. I like that it, by itself, isn’t a very pretty dessert to look. But then again, we know how to not always go by looks. I like that it’s not tedious or cumbersome or overly demanding on the tummy. I like that it’s uncomplicated, really. I like that the cake isn’t overly chocolatey. I like that it’s that understated dessert that takes absolutely no time to blow you away.

If you really wish to do this baby justice, make sure you either have a ginormous appetite or that you cut down on what you have before dessert. :D


I had this at Monsoon, The Park, Bangalore.

Give it a shot if you’re in the city. Give this a shot wherever you’re at if you haven’t already.

Have a decadent Tuesday! :)

Note: This is not an advertisement, just some good ol’ sharing! :)