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To And Fro

24 Feb

If there’s one habit I’m trying to inculcate this year, it is to write more regularly; sometimes because I want to and sometimes because I think it is absolutely necessary to. I guess it’s on the same lines as how important it is for a singer to do their riyaaz every day and for a sportsperson to be physically active on more than just a regular basis. I’m trying to see it like that because, well, I’m no seasoned writer and I have no stories or books to write just yet, but because I love writing too much and I realize there is just so much I’m missing out on because I don’t seem to document them enough.

Of course it would be a tad too insipid and teenager-ish of me to jot down each and every single detail of my day, every day, for you. I’m sure none of us wants that sort of reporting. But I’ve begun realizing how important it is to be able to put down one’s thoughts, feelings, experiences and expressions with as much ease. I find it hard to do so on a regular basis and I’ve got to give somewhere. I’m going to try. I’m going to keep reminding myself. And I’m going to try some more. Wish me luck.

In light of what I just said, I must give my innumerable thanks to power naps. Why? Because, yes, apart from me being a completely random weirdo (which you guessed right), and because I love them dearly, I had so much to tell you about the weekend that passed and since it was so hectic and writing today would just about make my post to the not-so-stale-chunk, that power nap snapped me out of a budding migraine and allowed me to be here. Writing about the last three days tomorrow would just not be okay, especially after all that I just began my post with.

photo 1 (5) photo 3 (4) photo 2 (7) photo 4 (4) photo 1 (6) photo 2 (6)A friend and I were long thinking of visiting one of the city’s most popular parks. Apart from being something one must do in order to refresh one’s soul (and lungs), it’s something that seldom strikes us as a thing we must do for various reasons. We always pass this park when we’re out on weekends especially and we’ve always wanted to just go for a stroll in it but it never happened until this past weekend.

It’s amazing what the combination of a walk, nature, friends, the setting sun, the sound of birds at dusk, rustling leaves and a multitude of childhood memories can make you feel like. There are moments when the experience of all of them put together shuts the world out; where passing traffic out in the distance stops making a difference, as if muted by more beautiful sounds that rustle out your life’s book you’re reading and experiencing all at once. There were people around, but there was no intrusion. There were children but we felt just as young. There were bamboo thickets bustling with crow families having their evening baths in the park’s brooks. There were memories of picnics; school day trips complete with a straw hat, a hanky pinned in a triangle on our pinafore, a tiny green Frooti tetra pack which was too much to finish back then, and of course, a pack of Yummies in mint or chaat masala flavours. There were waves of time lapses where you wondered how far back it was that you were physically a child but still had some bit of that time left in you because you were here, today, and still felt the same sense of awe.

photo 4 (3)

My friend and I were perhaps the only ones who made it for the impromptu toy train ride as the only “adults” unaccompanied by minors. It was strange and it was a ride down memory lane. It was a weird mix of everything; old and new, past and present, past and future, present and future, the twinge of my childhood gone by and the current phase of life I love so much, of reminiscing and creating new memories.

photo 3 (3)

I guess there’s no right time to embrace the moments that have passed. Yes, rounds of beers and old school music do the trick most often, but it’s nice to forget time and let go. It’s lovely to have reality take you back apart from the regular, cliched way of having memories disembark your time machine over peals of laughter and sighs at pub tables and faded (but still sensitive) crushes. There’s no good time to go back. And there isn’t a better time either.

(Coincidentally, it took me some rather sharp whistles from a guard on duty to realize that I was in a playground for kids aged 10 and below. Clearly, I wasn’t looking. Or thinking. For once.)

Thank you

27 Jun


Babska’s Journey has touched a 100+ followers. And I’m speechless. Here’s a big shout out to you guys. You are amazing. You make me want to write more and be more crazy. You make me want to go all out and turn this place into a crazy Babska zone even more than it is. You inspire me in ways I cannot explain. Also, it’s the thought of you that makes me want to come back here even when I really don’t think I can. We all have those days or phases where words just do not come out no matter how hard we try. Well, you make me try harder. You make me write, save a draft, abandon it and try again till I’ve either torn my hair out or have something to put up here.

In short, you encourage me to do something I absolutely love doing. You make me want to write more. You’ve helped me express myself and in turn helped me grow as a person and a writer. Expression cannot happen in a vacuum and you remind me of that everyday. And for that, I am grateful because you make me realize that I have to write, even if it’s for my own peace of mind.

Thank you. Thank you for giving me my release. Thank you for the support. Thank you for being here. You are amazing. And even though I may not know you personally, do know that you and I are walking together to places unseen, towards stories untold, waiting to be discovered.

Big love! :)


27 Jun

It’s been crayyyyy-ayyyyy-zy out here. Like really.

The powerpoint presentation mentioned in the previous post is finally complete. I just couldn’t stick to 8 slides. C’mon. That reminds me, I’ve been tackling the brevity issue since last week. Brevity is the key, my friend, and it’s a key I misplace more than I would ideally like to. Anyhoo, that’s a topic for another day. But I’m happy to know that the ppt has been done. What the aunt thinks it looks like is something I’m not contemplating because bruh, who ever thinks of answers or results just after you’ve stepped out from an exam hall? Like seriously!

But that hasn’t been all. There has been work. There have been massive plans. There has been a lot of running around. There has been a lot of stress (because I do get stressed like that!). There has been just too much.

This week has passed by and I’m like, wha, it’s the end already? I’ve been missing my floor in the elevator, I’ve forgotten to press the elevator button to get me to my said floor, I’ve forgotten dates and days and I’ve become more absent minded than anyone would ever like to be. And then I thought today was Friday and the entire oh crap, half a year has passed us moment came into focus. But seriously, give or take a few days half a year has really passed us by. We function by quarters and so we’re done with the second one tomorrow. Yup. Six months just went kaboom God knows where.

And then it hit me that I have family visiting me the entire next week which I have prepped so well for. Not. The house is all over the place and worst of all, my schedules are everywhere. Gosh. Yes, I did say I love being busy, but days going by in a haze in something I’ve to learn to deal with.

That said, I’m writing this post at breakneck speed because my thoughts are scurrying around at that pace. It’s madness. I think they need some dope, yeah. Just to calm their tiny souls down. But on a more serious note, this week has been great so far. There has been work and tonnes of it. There has also been expression in the form of writing and I’m ever so thankful for that.

Yes, this was a random hi-bye post. :)

Keep at it, we’re almost at Friday! Yay!

400 on Time

6 Jun

I remember first meeting her quite unexpectedly. It was her first day at work and she had come down from Mumbai to Bangalore to work on an event we were all neck deep in. I met her not in office, but somewhere in the city I don’t even remember. I picked her up and then we went shopping for event supplies together. For someone who takes a million years to share a space as small as that of the backseat of a car with acquaintances alone, this sure was a first. But then one doesn’t need to get into uncomfortable conversations or silences when you’re shopping for an event together. So I was safe because I didn’t have to figure out what to say next or wonder how to tackle awkward silences. We shopped together at Cauvery Emporium, picked our kazillion bags up and headed out of the city to the event venue. Car drives bring the best out of people more often than not. And that’s one random car drive I won’t forget because I more than just met a stranger.

I remember times spent with S very vividly, especially because we weren’t just colleagues. There’s always something about first jobs. I know I’ve made friends for life from there and she’s one of them. We’ve spent so much time talking, laughing, joking, being, working, dreaming, chatting, partying, dancing and being madcaps in general. I remember evenings after work spent over walks on Brigade Road that ended in impromptu dinners and were filled abundantly with conversations of all kinds. Boys were spoken about, relationships ideated upon, life pondered over. She was in a relationship with the love of her life since I met her and she had no qualms talking about him or how much her life revolved around his.

My girlfriends and I eventually quit our jobs to keep promises we’d made to our respective families; to study further at the end of the year’s break. I remember arriving at the agreement of a year off with ma by promising her I’d study after. So we quit in succession and went our ways. S left and eventually got married to the love of her life after which she moved out of the country. She came to Bangalore on a visit 2 years back with her husband and that’s when we last met.


And then after 2 whole years with so much having transpired, I met her yesterday because she was in the city for just 2 days and because she just.had.to.be.met. And look who she brought along with her.


S is a mother now and what a beautiful one she is. This is N, her adorable darling. Ever since I’ve known S, I’ve known that she wanted a life with her then boyfriend, now husband, and their small family that they’d start together. Her world revolved around them then and it is such a pleasure to watch her live the life she wanted. Her life was always L&S and now it’s LNS. I’m sorry, I just had to do that because I just had to!

I’m not a baby-friendly character. I don’t dislike them and neither am I allergic to them, it’s just that I’m a bit wary of babies and kids lest I do something to annoy/anger them. But N was such a darling and I love her to bits already! She is just such a gorgeous child! And it is such an overwhelming feeling/experience to be around the child of a close friend.

I can obviously not relate to being a mother even though I believe that having pets is like having children. So I don’t know what it feels like or takes to be one beyond a point. And this was a first because none of my close friends have crossed that boundary yet. So it’s amazing, overwhelming, beautiful, gorgeous and astounding all in one because you’re a part of a present that was someone else’s dream. You actually were around to be a part of and feature somewhere in someone else’s dream. And that’s huge.


A large part of me still hasn’t comprehended meeting S and her baby, but it’s overwhelming in such a great way nonetheless.

Here’s the lovely family – LNS.


Time flies to new places, opportunities, people and experiences. Time leaves footprints behind, maybe to catch up. Time goes away never to return except in those footprints etched in the paths of our mind. And even though it’s scary to have Time show you how a lot of him will never come back, it’s beautiful to know that there are friends, dreams and new journeys at every step of the way. Meeting LNS was one such walk.

This is my 400th, WordPress tells me. I’d like to thank you for being there, for reading me and walking along with me. Like I say, the journey’s a long way to go and it only gets memorable because you’re taking it with me.

Cheers to Time, friends, their babies, their families, memories and the will to write! :)


5 May

Hi, dear readers! I hope you’ve been well, alive and painting your town red! I’ve been awesome and I’ve been around, doing my own thing, being my own kinda crazy.

Ever since I got “happiness-squared”, my blog’s seen a slump. It was bound to happen considering I’m such a sucker for photographs and images. They do speak way better than my choice of words do. And even though I love writing from the bottom of my heart’s heart, the latest square of my life has taken over. Instagram has officially taken over my life and now that things are stabilizing, I figured I’d build some bridges and come back here. Because I have missed this space so much. To make the comeback as balanced as possible, I figured I’d show let this post speak through my pictures. And I’d write side by side. That only seems fair.

It isn’t often that I whip my phone out and click pictures because I’m not obsessed like that. I am, however, obsessed about documenting the things I find interesting that happen in my life…and it turns out that something interesting does come my way pretty much every single day. I feel blessed. There have been a lot of random clicks about things I find pretty and intriguing. There has been a lot of food. There have been reunions with friends I haven’t met since 2534253 BC. There has been some amount of cooking. And then there’s been some amount of chilling out at varied points in time.


The Nexus met after what felt like a million years… And even though a lot has changed since when we last met because A got married and has settled down in his happily married life, it felt like the old times when we’d meet, laugh, eat and of course make fun of each other. This meeting was a reminder of how time really has flown past and how the three of us have sort of drifted on, busy keeping up with our fast-paced lives. But there are some friends who make you feel like you met them just yesterday, and A and R are definitely on that list!


P also came down in April end. She got married last year and moved to the US with her husband. We’ve been neighbours for a while now. She was again someone I used to meet almost every day. When she left and as months flew by, I came to realize how much I missed her. Sometimes you never really know you miss someone till they’re so, so far away.


SSS and I tried meeting up as and when we could because she’s been so busy and we haven’t found the time to hang out and catch up. And it’s always crazy when we meet up. There has been much spazzing, much eating, much talking and much chilling out whenever time permitted.


R and I met up too with friends. There’s been a lot of music, alcohol, conversations and painting the town red scenes that took place. Sometimes one needs that kind of fun to sort of even things out. I’ve been out partying and clubbing before, as I have spent innumerable nights out with friends; but getting back home at 4:00am was a first. I don’t know if I’d do that again, but firsts are important. Always. And this was definitely a fun and interesting one.

While I’ve had my plate full with meeting friends, there are a lot more reunions in the pipeline, which is why I’m thrilled that May has finally arrived. There’s always so much joy in meeting friends and family you haven’t met for a million years. And I hope this trend continues because it has been such a breath of fresh air; something I’ve looked forward to so much.

While there were a lot of meetings, there was a lot of food consumed both at home and out.


The most important was that the bacon craving was fulfilled ever since it showed its haunting face to me during Lent, which I happened to follow this year.

See, I told you there was a lot of food. There always is when I’m around. That’s a given.

And because the summer’s been crazy, Bangalore decided to be kind and shower us with some rain as and when. So when the entire country buzzes at nothing less than 35C and when your city dips to a 28C, you’d be a fool to not be thankful. Drives are how I thanked my stars because if you ever want to get something outta me, just take me for a drive; it’s as simple as that.


So drives were taken. And random midnight walks at the airport were had because that’s the closest to a big, open, non-claustrophobic place not too far from the city you can head to. And I love going to the airport so much. I love watching travelers, relatives, friends, crew, workers and of course aircrafts; it’s just such an interesting place to go to. The one in Bangalore at least.

It’s been a busy time and as much as I’d like to have updated you with my every move, there comes a time when you need to just switch off for a bit and go on the ride. My blog’s not going anywhere, neither am I. I kept fighting myself because as much as I was having a great time, I also wanted to come here and write. That didn’t happen and somewhere I figured it was OK to let go, savour what I was experiencing and come back. And come back I did. I’m glad I could come back and share because I’ve missed this space more than I could imagine.

Here’s to many more. I hope times are as awesome as they have been. We’re a month less from bidding half of 2013 adieu and it’s been an interesting ride so far. Going by how swift time’s carpet ride is, I’m trying to make the most of every single bit of it. I hope you’ve been having a fab time so far too! :)

Thanking you

6 Apr

I’ve been blogging ever since I heard about a blog back during a lazy media class in 2005 when I was doing my Bachelor’s course. To be honest, I started blogging because it felt cool and I felt pretty darn accomplished to have something as awesome as a web log (blog). It was new and it was novel and it felt amazing. Over time my blogs changed names, looks, themes, addresses, online spaces and of course, like all logs/journals/diaries, the contents of my blog also saw vast transformations. It’s funny how time flies and how we change accordingly. Or not. But you get my drift.

Those of us who write or wrote diaries/journals know what I mean when I say we change. We begin by talking about everyday life, about school, college, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, crushes, homework and perhaps even the way our teeth looked. We even experimented with a code language we came up with by our own way of imagination. It looked cool, it took some time to get used to and it soon became a part of our life. We could read that secret language just like we could the language of our comfort and choice. Secrecy was a huge thing. I remember experimenting with diaries I could lock not because I was plotting against the world but because teens and secrecy just go together. Everything’s very hush hush especially around adults and siblings. There was a sense of adventure in it all.

When secrecy wasn’t a big deal anymore, the patterns and contents of writing changed too. Everyday hassles got replaced by questions, conflicts, issues and concerns that germinated at a pace we couldn’t comprehend. Secrecy gave way to trust, as did the insecurity of being spied upon. And before I knew it, I’d stopped writing because it was that time of life when one had more pressing issues to deal with (read: board exams).

Sometimes it’s strange the way life unfolds. When I look back, I cannot fathom how and where and when all those years went by. At the risk of sounding so, so old, I’d just like to say that I have absolutely no idea where and how the years between when I got into tenth grade and now have gone. It’s not like it was a bad phase. It was just a phase that had so much going on, I guess? There was too much to do. Writing took a backseat sometime then. In fact everything else that didn’t involve books actually did get put on the back burner. Out went the pottery, painting, drawing, writing and of course a lot of the reading as well. Till I finished twelfth grade and went on to do my Bachelor’s course in Psychology, English Literature and Mass Communication. Maybe that just had to happen because now I had to read and write. And it was great. Most often at least.

That’s when I got back to the concept of actually taking time off, reflecting and writing. The entire procedure started all over again. My old posts are reminiscent of my student life filled with amazing experiences, projects, new people I met, boyfriends, friendships, career paths I may have wanted to choose and so on. I like going back to them once in a while. They’re my albums of a time I loved dearly.

So yes, I was talking about blogging. It’s been an extremely interesting journey. I’ve met so many awesome people some of whom have come to become close friends. I’ve always loved meeting new people and interacting with them and to be able to do so via this medium and through writing is just so mind blowing. Why isn’t mindblowing one word? Anyhoo.

Times have been shit crazy the past year and I’ve often found myself in a vacuum where I can see words floating around but have no voice to speak them. There’s almost always been a traffic jam in my head, as I like to call it, when I find it hard to write. I love writing because writing is my most easy and comfortable form of not just expression but living. When you find something that comes as effortlessly most often, you’ve got to know there’s something in it for you. That’s a relationship you don’t want to part ways with. So no matter how crazy it has been, you’ve always been there with me. And for that I am ever so thankful.

I just came across this and thought I’d share it with you because you’re awesome and I really love having you here. This is where my teeny tiny blog’s been on the world map.

WordPress.com - Google Chrome 462013 64905 PM WordPress.com - Google Chrome 462013 64939 PM WordPress.com - Google Chrome 462013 64949 PM

To say that I feel overwhelmed would be undermining it way below what it really, really makes me feel. I thank you for walking on this journey with me. I thank you for being a part of my world. I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your world too. I thank you for being patient and supportive. I thank you for being you. I thank you for becoming a part of my puzzle. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for participating in this experience.

You inspire me. You motivate me. You make me come back when I think I cannot. You make me feel totally awesome. Thank you ever so much.

Here’s to a crazy awesome journey. Keep those walking shoes on! :)

Much love,

Babska! :)


20 Mar

Summer’s here. And with it comes a whole load of everything an Indian summer could possibly lug with it. There are sultry nights in anticipation of storms or the smell of rain drops sizzling on mud. There’s a sense of satisfaction as fans spin and curtains waltz; almost in retribution to what lies ahead. It’s the season of yellow and orange. It’s the time of mangoes. It’s also the time of bare-clad bodies lying spread-eagle lost in mystical stories of one’s imagination and fiction. Summer nights especially remind me of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s stories. Summer brings with it a slow germination of the need to write again, at my own pace and timing.

I thank you for your patience so far. It has been a long, long time. And I seem to be saying this a lot off-late.

There will be blog posts. There will be stories. There will be expression. And there will be words. There will be one on Gabriel Garcia Marquez because I have it constructed in my head already. There will be one on a favourite getaway of mine which has been blasphemously overdue. There will be some food and lots to drink. There will be nostalgia and reminisces. There will definitely be an attempt to get the gears in my mind greased and functional. There will be trying, at the least.

Thank you for walking along and taking this journey with me. There’s lots more road to cover. :)