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84: Fridaze

25 Mar

Walks, talks, reminisces, memories, food, and of course, whiskey on a bulk offer. 

How can one resist?

Hope yours was loverly too. :)

80: Refreshing Like The Pop Of A Chilled Limca

21 Mar

Sitting here, nearing the end of yet another day, almost done with a fraction of the things that I’ve put on my board to do, and wishing desperately for Friday to come by, the only thing that makes my mind feel a little bubbly and chirpy is the image and thought of this – the pop and fizz of a chilled limca. Something tells me it has to do with the chilled lemon honey drink I made myself earlier this evening; a treat my senses blindly chose over a cup of tea, which now seems too overbearing thanks to the weather.

The further we proceed into March, the hotter it is becoming. The call of a chilled anything automatically gets bumped up the list, just like how I almost automatically walked to the fridge and made myself this drink which materialized with absolutely no thought or even debate. Summer has just stepped into our lives and promises to be a demanding one on each of us. Let’s just hope for that stock of cold water and lemons to remain perennial.

There’s nothing significant about today’s post, as you may have already gathered. But today isn’t about being any of that. It’s just about me effervescing in this thrill of cool comforts, and of you sharing that experience with me, should you wish to indulge in the freshness it invokes without too much effort.

Cheers! :)

The Fuss About A Good Cup Of Tea Is…

18 May

that it’s presumptuously and unapologetically fussy.

Each of us tea lovers likes our cup of tea to be a certain way, and that itself makes it all the more elite, you know?

Tepidophobia, they call it. The fear of a badly made cup of tea – tepid, insipid, vanilla (adj.), bland, lacking in character, lack lustre, tasteless, frail…the possibilities of a bad cup of tea really do not even need to stray to more drastic disasters like split milk or salt mistaken for sugar. It’s just that easy to ruin a good cup of tea, especially when you really need that perfect cup of tea, isn’t it?

One of my worst tea disasters was at the chosen time when I was trying to show how well-versed I was in the art of making this good old evening bevvy for none other than my grandmother, who fate had decided, was to scald her memory with this horrific incident. And how wrong I was proven to be. Of course it had to be the sneaky traitor of a tea bag, which made the end result a bubbling mess of what looked too white, thick and distasteful to explain. It’s a gamble, and one that I lost so miserably to my aghast nani who lamented about the fact that her granddaughter had no kitchen skills whatsoever. After all, tea is one of those things a lot of us prides ourself in making…it’s that primary license to pass right through the golden and previously well guarded gates of a mother’s territory – her kitchen; a test that helps said mother and her supporting society to decide whether you need more time outside them or if you’ve sailed through with the flying colours one needs to see and feel in their cup of tea. It makes me laugh, actually. But the world has its way when it comes to these sort of scenarios, and is especially generous with its meanness when you’re in the spotlight of said kitchen matters or trying to showcase your skills and confidence particularly.

Needless to say, mine wasn’t very different. And many cups of tea later, I still haven’t really mastered it to perfection. Far from actually, especially given that I’m stuck at remembering just how the various members of my family and my friends like their bevvy, to begin with. My mom likes hers well-brewed, less milky and prefers to have hers warm than hot, while my brother likes the consistency of his brew to be that perfect balance of milk and water so that the end result doesn’t betray a paucity of milk in the house, nor ends up being a chai milk pudding. One aunt likes it milky, one likes it strong but not too straight up or selfish with milk. One doesn’t like ginger and someone else prefers a different brand of tea leaves altogether. Some don’t like any add-ons including sugar and some think I’m being selfish with the sugar and often come running back for an additional helping of sugah, accompanied with an accusatory eye if the victim is a brother (haha!). Some are forgiving of honey, some intolerant. A small group is okay with green tea while the others don’t consider green tea tea, you know? It’s always an art to give everyone this simple yet high-maintenance beverage, don’t you think?

And just like my family and friends, I’ve my own brouhaha about the entire affair – a storm in a teacup if I may say so. When it comes to dip tea, I cannot understand it being made with anything less than water that’s just about to reach boiling point and just a few drops of milk enough to make it look like tea, smell like tea and not end up becoming that milky fake tea drink we were fed as kids when one of us was ill. Once the brew has settled in completely and shaken hands with those few drops of milk, I like to rest it and drink it at a temperature that’s between mildly hot to very warm just so I can savour my drink. And I can never have mine without an accompaniment which is usually two Parle G biscuits or a slice of sponge cake when I’m feeling more indulgent. Besides, what I have it in, is paramount, especially when I’m at home. A beautiful mug, home to a refreshing cup of tasty tea which looks a certain way and which rarely arrives by itself, is a sure shot to happiness and complete satisfaction. It’s a one-sitting consumption affair which does not allow the thought of re-heating to even exist.


I guess everything lovely calls for it to be fussy, unapologetic, as close to perfection as possible and royal in every way. Tea is poetry and poetry can be as snobbish as simple, if treated right.


I wish we’d apply that to ourselves as well. Fabulous doesn’t need explaining or rules to be broken where it’s concerned, no?

My Summer Picks

15 May

Maybe it’s because I’ve spent most of my life’s summers in a considerably weather-friendly city or maybe I’ve spent the last four summers cooped up in a large, centrally air conditioned atmosphere or maybe it’s both these facts coupled with my various other experiences of this season that have made me open my eyes towards living a summer in North India.

While I was born in this part of the country and spent a couple of years here, I remember Bangalore’s summers with greater accuracy and with now a tinge of envy as well. While the city singed at scary temperatures this season, that’s only as bad as it’s going to be, thankfully. (However, that doesn’t in any way justify or negate the telling signs of global warming we’re witnessing everywhere). But experiencing life-friendly temperatures isn’t the case with the North which is famous for its extremities. Our summer has just begun to show us his nasty side and we’ve a longish way to go before we see some respite.

This is my first summer here in a very long time and here are a few things that have made it a lot more bearable.

With appetites shrinking, this one’s a sure life saver. Cool, crispy, crunchy vegetables dressed ever so lightly and frivolously are ideal for sultry nights. Adding some grilled meat turns the dish a notch higher and no one’s complaining.

Kulfi. These small helpings of kulfi in various flavours do the trick when you need a little lift. We love the kesar badam ones most and could go back for seconds and thirds.

Open-faced sandwiches. I prefer having a heartier breakfast than a heavy lunch or dinner especially during summer. When the morning temperatures are a little more forgiving, these are great to boost one’s reserves with.

Chilled watermelon/fruit juices. ‘Nuff said!

Tender coconut water only post dusk, since the searing heat undoes the effects of this drink by making it hot and undrinkable.

Night walks; not just because they’re the best but because night walks in summer are accompanied by the wafting and lingering fragrances from gardens everywhere – you’re most likely to smell frangipani, night queen and jasmine – a must for the soothing of one’s senses.

I’m not a fan of alcohol during such extreme temperatures but this is one helluva bomb I stumbled upon in December. Hawaiian Iced Tea – an LIT that tastes of Malibu. What’s not to love about this lip smacker? Of course, this only comes second to my mind refreshingly favourite – mojito.

Easy summer wear with the key feature being ‘the lesser, the better’. Lesser on one’s face, lesser on one’s self and lesser on one’s feet; and it’s a sweet treat to your heat-crazed mind and body.

Lighter bedspreads just to helpslip into smaller comforts that most definitely play a role in how we feel. Avoiding dark colours works best while lighter colours automatically add a sense of lightness and ease.

Lassi, preferably lightly sweetened and beautifully thickened, served in clay mugs and garnished delightfully to make every summer complete.

No summer is complete without mango in it. However, given that summer has just arrived full fledgedly, it’s only a matter of time before we sink our teeth into its magic.

Till then, here’s what’s keeping us cool and sane.

What are your summer saviours?


24 Mar

There’s this month called March we all know too well. It really bodes nothing much to so, so many people because it’s just another month in this dozen bunch we’re blessed to see year after year. It could be a special month for those who have special occasions to celebrate during it. But that apart, it’s quite the whirlwind for every single other person on the planet who juggles numbers, at any level. Don’t you think? It’s a crazy, crazy month. It’s the month where you often forget what the difference between a weekend and a weekday really is. And it’s safe to say that that time of the year has well and truly arrived.

I don’t think that trend will ever, ever change. Here I am, post my work day, taking a short break, having consumed copious amounts of tea I wouldn’t even dare down on a weekend. I thought I’d write to you at the cost of staring at my laptop screen, but I’ll see what I can manage to squeeze out before I get back to more work.

I love being busy. Like I’ve mentioned before, being busy gives me that sure-shot green signal I need to escape, to floor that accelerator and vanish. It’s just me cruising or speeding down that road, all by myself, with that rush of adrenaline or whatever else it is that gives us the high of keeping up with work and getting ahead of it. I’m not sure about the getting ahead bit yet considering there’s an entire week before the month and quarter come to an end.

It’s a busy time. It always has been. That’s something I dread and look forward to. It’s that kick I get in knowing I’m working on the businesses I need to work on and give them advertisers exactly what they want. It’s that satisfaction knowing we succeeded, as a team. It’s the high knowing you’ve brought that dough home. But it’s also that nagging pain in the ass that lingers and reminds you just how slow time can really pace at. March has been like that. At least March 2014 has. It.just.doesn’t.seem.to.get.over.

So while there’s work and so much of it, I’m back from office, taking that break I was talking about before I deep-dive right in again. And here’s why I’m here; to share just ow I’m savouring this break of mine, savouring being the word in focus here.

IMG_9480 IMG_9475 IMG_9481

Isn’t it lovely when you really get to make the most of what you’ve got and feel the satisfaction of knowing you’ve done so? Here’s how I’m spending my break – drinking chai, having crispy toasts with butter and writing. And there’s music as well. It hits the spot. Today. It fits. It’s perfect for this moment. And I’ll take that, because I’m here, making the most of what I have. My manic Monday has given me a spot to take out my umbrella and sort of beach-bum till it’s time to get back. Except, if I were really at a beach, it wouldn’t be called tea time. :)

There’s so much to talk about the passed weekend and I sincerely hope I find the time to write about it because there are some interesting things to share with you. In the meantime, I do hope you’re having a not so manic Monday. If you are, I’m sure your beach-bum time’s around the corner too.

Here’s powering the last of Maddening March through. Cheers!

Alfredo, Lent and Chocolate Milk

12 Mar

The beautiful, beautiful nomadic clouds stayed back most of today, post the mind blowing canvas they helped paint at sunrise today. I was only happy to see them around because it’s given that they’d make a sunset more extraordinary.

IMG_0428 IMG_0435 IMG_0437

I haven’t taken my camera out since Valentine’s Day because, well, Alfredo (yes, that’s my beloved camera’s name) and I had a scare on Valentine’s Day. V-Day, being my brother’s birthday, mandated me to take my camera out because I’m a firm believer in capturing occasions. And while my brother “doesn’t like being clicked”, which therefore means there aren’t many pictures of him on his important days as there are of mine, I thought it necessary to take just a couple of pictures and let it be at that. But I kept Alfredo aside (or behind, rather), because my brother wanted pictures after enjoying his meal, which I thought was an absolutely legitimate reason to keep one’s beloved camera aside. Apparently, I got that taken in by the barbecued prawns and fish and meat and the sole glass of wine I’d consumed, that I realized yours truly had left her beloved Alfredo hanging behind the chair she sat on at the restaurant she ate her Valentine’s Day dinner at, after she got back home. I thought I’d lost him, because that is what normal people and hypochondriacs would do. Plus it was V-Day and the restaurant was overcrowded. Who in their right mind wouldn’t make best use of an unclaimed DSLR? But thankfully, everyone in that restaurant was insane because my Alfredo was exactly where I’d left him. Thank God for blind love. I’m grateful. I have him back and he debuted today evening. Small mercies.

Moving on, the sun set and the clouds parted almost immediately. I don’t know if they’ll be there tomorrow. It’s quite something to spend alone time with yourself. To go up on your terrace (if you’re blessed with one), or even your balcony, and just let everything take over you. Do you gift yourself moments like these? I’ve a love for terraces that got passed on to me almost invisibly by my mother. Oh, beautiful times.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

It’s been a week since I went on Lent. I wrote about it here last time. I don’t know whether it’s been difficult or not. Some of it has been and some of it has been smooth sailing. I didn’t know what to abstain from and so I picked whatever I could and decided to see what stuck and what didn’t. I ate chocolates (and a whole load of them) the day of Ash Wednesday. I ate rice as if I was breathing air. And since I had chocolates, I conveniently gave into desserts as well. So it’s safe to say that the only two things that I’ve really managed to abstain from are non-vegetarian food and alcohol. But I had the massivest of cravings to head to our regular watering hole and down an entire pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea. Thankfully I didn’t get my hands on any. Easter, I cannot wait for you. You’ve given me a newfound meaning to your existence.

In the midst of it all, I’m an almost hardcore non-vegetarian who’s turning vegetarian for over a month. It sucks. Vegetarian food is only meant to be had at home if it’s the comfort of dal-chawal and/or roti-sabzi. It is NOT a very pleasing experience for a non-vegetarian to be served barbecued corn and pine*frikkin*apple and what not while everyone else around gorges over prawns and fish and chicken and mutton. Sigh. Willpower, you better get stronger.

Therefore, instead of food pictures, I have photographs of a pirate-themed restaurant we went to for a team lunch. I sat on a chair that had a ribcage for a backrest. That apart, and the many skulls that donned its interiors, it was a beautiful experience because Bangalore is at its best and where better to witness its beauty than to lunch on a terraced restaurant? I think I forgave the universe for barbecued pineapples and zucchini and all that vegetarian stuff because it gave us such a beautiful ambience.

And because today has been so pleasant, I decided to close it with chocolate milk because there cannot be a better and lighter and more refreshing almost summer pick up than chilled chocolate milk. PLUS, it’s been a complete Yo Yo Honey Singh day at work, thanks to one of my colleagues. She introduced me to this one.

And I’ve had this one on loop.

Honey Singh is awesome. I thoroughly enjoy his music. It makes the hidden Punjabi in me come alive. He makes me get up from my seat at work and dance. Thank God for high-walled cubicles. Turn them up loud, please. :)

I do feel alive.


3 Jun

Did you know Time bought himself the latest Lamborghini and is painting the world of Time red? I’m sure you’ve seen him zip past. I’m sure the next time I see him, which won’t be too far off, it’ll be October 2020. Not, I hope. Sigh. It’s June, folks! June. JUNE. Like the sixth month of a year that has just twelve indicating we’re reaching the half-past mark at a pace none of us expected. Right? Yeah well, do you still love the Lamborghini as much?

June came too fast. It wasn’t long ago when I was awaiting the arrival of May with great excitement and longing. May was filled with everything every month should be filled with – family meetings, reunions, birthdays, celebrations, arrivals and of course lots of catching up, food, laughter and madness. May was filled with what I can describe as the only summer love I’ve known all my life.





IMG_1283IMG_1165IMG_1390IMG_1038IMG_0248IMG_0772IMG_0817IMG_1488.PNG - Picasa Photo Viewer 632013 90742 PMIMG_1144IMG_1387IMG_1324IMG_1410IMG_1414IMG_1068IMG_1499IMG_0833

We’ve been blessed with abundant mangoes, litchis, peaches and mango-milkshake-moustaches. It’s been the season of much gluttony of a childhood kind; no questions asked, no heat boils counted. Mangoes rule, litchis prevail, peaches reign. There are just no two ways about it.

Summer walks, travel and rides at dusk make the perfect companion; even in silence. They’ve been abundant and abundantly welcome too. There have been storms of a fierce summer kind that put you in your place and shut you up when you open your mouth to talk about the heat. There have also been uproars of a thunderous kind which tell you to shut up, period. And then there have been power cuts, candlelit games, adrak (ginger) chai (tea) sessions and conversations in shadows. There have been the most beautiful sunrises the mornings after. There have been steaming cups of filter coffee and homemade cookies, mango tea and cinnamon rolls and conversations in between claps of thunder of course.

There’s always a magic in summer; in the way it shows up and transforms everything around it; in the way it takes the world by storm without really saying a word. Summer is a rainbow of every colour, every mood, every sound, every experience. There’s calm and quietude as flowers bloom at dusk and there’s the din of the sky opening up above. There’s the cruelty of parching heat and the apologies of torrential rain. There are butterflies, rain ants and moths. There is always the struggle to survive with a ladder and a jug of water right at the end. There is always summer.

When Girlfriends Meet

25 May

…the world automatically becomes a better and superbly prettier place.

This month has been jam packed with reunions of the familial and friendship kind. Weekends have tumbled past, and at such breakneck speeds that there really has just been no time to do anything else. There has been a lot of work and then there’s been a lot of the good stuff happening over every single weekend. The blog has been so terribly ignored but there’s little I can do about that. I’ve figured to go along with the tide and not fight it because neither was I actually able to dedicate time to blog and neither did fighting the tide leave me with much time to bask in the awesomeness that is my life right now. Yeah, you’ve got to give some to get some, right?

This time around, V, who has been living outside the country and is busy taking the world by storm, came down to Bangalore. We met back in ’08 and were classmates during my Masters program. Somewhere along the way we realized we’re as mad as each other and that our madness could really be conducive to a pretty darn awesome friendship; so lo and behold, we became pretty darn awesome friends. It was just customary to meet and loop everyone else in too because…well, there are no becauses when it comes to reunions.

So, we met. So, there was a riot when we met. So, the riot was us. So, it was awesome. So, it was killer. So, it was epic. So, it was just the thing we all frikkin needed in our lives. That’s the thing about meetings with girlfriends. They’re always what everybody frikkin needs. Because girls have a lot going on in their lives. There’s so much pent up laughter that needs to get out and resonate the world. There are so many conversations to be caught up on. There are so many abuses to be showered. There are so many tears that need to be shed. There is.just.so.much.worldly.gossip.to.be.gossiped. There is just so much to share. There is just always so much to do. There is so much that needs to be done which cannot otherwise be done in company of “other-not-so-significant” friends or parents or siblings or, now, spouses. Girls just wanna have fun. Period.

So, when girlfriends meet,

24 May 2013

there just has to be a customary series of snaps like these. There is always a cool pose, there is always happiness and then after the entire build up, the pack of cards just falls into what ends up becoming a madcap awesome photograph!

When girlfriends meet,

24 May 20131

there has to be a customary photograph taken outside the restaurant on the road. There have to be top angle snaps because top angle snaps are a mid-20-and-onward girl’s best photo angle friend. And there has to be at least one “crazy” snap even if the hot summer sun makes your eyes water, makes you see stars and practically blinds you irrespective of being armed with shades. You just move to the shade than not take the photograph.

And because yours truly was the photographer, I was kindly given the darkest pair just so I could try and see which button to click!

When girlfriends meet,


there has to be a customary stuffed-in-an-auto-like-a-can-of-sardines photograph. It’s a universal law. By the way, a photograph like this takes me back to our college days when we did actually travel like this quite frequently at a 1 and a half fare, yapping our lives off. It’s no wonder auto drivers in Bangalore are off their knockers.

When girlfriends meet,


there will be (sexy) pictures of accessories which may even happen under the table (in this case) because girls are pretty, sexy and mindblowingly awesome bruh!

When girlfriends meet,


there will always be food on the table. It’s the universal rule of universal rules. Food is our second best friend. We’re not calorie shy. Neither are we food shy. Which is why I have the friends I do. We eat, sleep, dream and live food baby. That is just how we roll.

When girlfriends meet,


there will be alcohol at some point. There will be pints of chilled-to-the-bone beer for beer lovers and there will be pretty glasses and cocktails for those who aren’t friends with beer. Alcohol isn’t a staple as much as food and conversations are. But if we’re feeling particularly fancy, we go all the way.

When girlfriends meet,


there will be dessert. Always. There will also always be chocolate. Always. Chocolate makes girls happy. Chocolate and desserts make girls swoon like no other. Did I mention we’re not calorie conscious?

When girlfriends meet,


there will always be conversations that make the other blush and smile and turn away and pretend like nothing came up to their cheeks and coloured them pink!

When girlfriends meet,


there will always be the customary round of completely, mind-bogglingly random snaps. Didn’t you know Random features in all our names? Hi, I’m Babushka ‘Random’ Chauhan. And so on… It’s true. There will be mad photographs. There will be posing. There will be what we call natural photographs where everyone’s doing their own thing. There will be photographs when no one knows what’s going on. There will be plenty and more.

When girlfriends meet,


there will definitely be the customary Homer Simpson ‘Doh!’ moment!

When girlfriends meet,


there will be a selfie, and a selfie of the selfie!

When girlfriends meet,


there will be large amounts of vanity.

When girlfriends meet,


there will be more than enough laughter to go around the world and back. There are all kinds of laughter that range in length, duration, pitch and intensity. There will be giggling. There will be laughter that is precociously raucous. You may even hear a roar or two. Also, with that much madness going around, it’s hard not to cry with laughter.

When girlfriends meet,


there will always be insane amounts of love. The weird, crazy, girly, mad, random kinda love that only girlfriends understand and can have for each other.

When girlfriends meet, you’re always 18.

When girlfriends meet, you’d want to be at no other place in the world because that’s the one time when you’re in your time machine hopping off at so many junctures long past while traveling to so many destinations the future may hold while sitting pretty and crazy in the spot you never really got up from.

Here’s to every girlfriend who spins my world right round, right round! :)


17 May

Infinitea is a tea cafe right here in the city; one I’ve been going to for a very long time now. As its name suggests, this is a small place which serves tea of all kinds and from almost every place in the world. It’s divine, if you’re into tea i.e.

P texted me one evening and said she wanted to go visit because she hadn’t had the chance to go there since she got back from the US. You’ve met her here. It’s ironic because having been neighbours, I don’t recollect us ever having gone there together. So this was spontaneous, new and fun. Plus I think we got the best seats on the first floor with a good view of everything including the two couples who could’ve possibly been sitting on each other. Anyway… here’s why I think we got the best seats.


I love the lamps, I love the duskiness outside, I love the yellowness inside, I love the feeling of warmth the place exudes, I love how cozy it makes me feel, I love the graffiti on the walls…I love it all.


As I said earlier, Infinitea has been a place I’ve been coming to way before I could even afford it entirely. I used to visit this place back in college because it was so close by and because back then I had the softest spot for iced teas. And they do serve a variety of iced teas which you should check out if iced tea is your thing. I enjoy mango quite a bit. My grandmum didn’t feel the same way.

There are two favourite staples here when it comes to food.


Steamed chicken momos.

It’s a crime to not like steamed chicken momos, especially from here. I’m telling you. I must admit my love for momos was acquired albeit at an early age, but even though a lot of people do not really fancy this dish/snack, it’s worth a try. Why? Because steamed chicken momos with a side of spicy red chilli sauce and a Tibetan version of salsa features in the top 10 of one’s all time comfort foods. It’s the law of the universe. I didn’t invent it. Here, at Infinitea, they serve the momos with a tangy, spicy tomatoey sauce which is their signature sauce because I haven’t encountered it anywhere else.

I never ate momos here earlier because they are pretty steeply priced at INR 180 approx per plate which is a ridiculous amount especially when you’ve eaten wayyyyy better at INR 15 approx a plate. I think they’re making up for the cost of the bowl they serve it in. Having said that, their momos definitely hit the ball out of the park and are worth a try at least once.


My second most favourite thing to eat here is their Chicken Oriental Salad which comes with a peanut sauce dressing. And trust me when I tell you that it’s so worth a try if salads are your thing. Salads are never my thing. But this one is. It’s crunchy, crispy, tasty, refreshing and exudes just the right amount of “healthiness” from it. I cannot accept stuff that makes me feel like I’ve consumed hemp, you get what I’m saying? There has to be meat and it has to taste good and yeah, it needs to make me happy! Not asking for much.


I don’t know how this picture came here but I’m not sorry because I want you to try these out if you’re in the city! :D

So the evening was cozy, cushy and yellow. It was filled with conversations, catching up, avoiding PDA being thrown in our face and a general sense of satisfaction.

P ordered a chicken steak which was what she was drooling over since she left for Boston. And then someone told her about it and then she decided to rush to Infinitea right from the airport because she just had to. Not. But she did have the steak and she loved it. She loved it because she could taste butter. See? Butter is invaluable. I didn’t fancy the steak much because it smelled eggy and was coated in a thickish coating of an egg batter which is not how I like to eat my steaks. But I’m glad she got her steak and enjoyed it and I’m not so glad that I didn’t get a picture of it to put up.

Whilst we ate, I did this too because I’m like that. Only because it’s a pretty place. Otherwise it’s hard to separate me from my food.


Pretty, aint it?

Because no tea was consumed that evening (LOL!), I shall put up another post about their teas when I soak myself in their brews. All I can say is that I really miss the vanilla tea I used to have. They don’t serve that anymore.

You can check this place out at:

Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore.
(It’s actually on Cunningham Road, diagonally opposite Sigma Mall)

Note: This is not a paid article.

An Epic Weekend

16 May

Did I tell you about the babiest brother of the family? Well, as the name suggests, he’s the youngest brother in the maternal side of our family. He came to Bangalore last week. He came here for the first time. He came here for exactly 1.75 days of which some parts aren’t counted. He came here for one of his engineering entrance exams because he’s at that stage of life where kids need to take a painful number of entrance exams to make their dreams become a reality. And so he came on one extremely stormy Friday night (read: a night that saw rain like it had never ever ever ever rained before) and left by Sunday afternoon. So you can imagine what that schedule must’ve been like.

He landed here at 10:30pm and had just about an afternoon the next day to hang out because one never eats out before a major, life-changing national exam, does one? So whilst the world has looked peachy and lovely and pristine and pregnant in all its Bangalore summer glory, I’ve had more of a twister-like past few weeks. But that’s not for this post. This one’s to introduce you to some of my most favourite people in the whole wide universe.


We decided to check this place out and I must say this has become my latest favouritest hangout. I’m going to head back there, photograph it and share it with you just so you know why exactly this has become my new hotspot. Having said that, when there’s beer on a summery Saturday afternoon, life’s more or less set. You’re in the zone, your brain cells ease off and have less frizzy hair, your hair settles down too (or you stop caring; whichever happens first) and life seems to float by on a pretty pink boat (yes, my boat is pink, thankyouverymuch). Anyhoo, so the beer arrived and so did the food. And before we knew it, our afternoon slinked into what every Saturday afternoon should be like – chilled out.


These are 2 of my 3 brothers. The one behind me is my brother S who is my younger sibling. The one to my right is A and he’s our babiest (cousin) brother.


Oh, I forgot to tell you that he’s over 6 feet tall. I’m glad I used this photograph as an opportunity to highlight that fact before you gasped at the outrageous difference elsewhere!


This is S. He’s my brother from another mother. He is my one of my brother’s closest friends and I treat him like my own. I don’t think he knows that and maybe it’s best we kept that for another time! :D Isn’t he the sweetest and handsomest?


Awww, here’s one to friendship!


And here’s one to brotherhood, bru-hs! Ok nevermind! I’ll stop. By the way, they claim to hate posing. All guys think it’s fashionable to say that. Mad boys.


And because you’re in the company of a fooseball table and boys, you cannot sit pretty at your table and pretend like the table doesn’t exist. The boys decided to get lean and mean and my brother defended his spot against the other two brilliantly. And then because he’s a darling and repressed the fact that his sister sucked at any kind of sport, he called me to join him and sort of insisted as well. I panicked like a chicken on the inside while I kept a brave, elder sisterly face on the outside whilst laughing and thanked the pints of beer I’d had a million times as I tried to shirk his offer off. But to no avail. He didn’t care if I was bad (awww!!!). He didn’t care if I sucked (awwww!!!). And he certainly didn’t care about his score! Memories or nightmares of my first ever football match in school came flooding back to me and I palpitated a million times. And then the game was resumed.

I watched the ball like a hawk and kept watching it while it flew past my men and vanished into the goalpost. I kept staring. I guess I hadn’t realized what had just happened. And so that happened a few times. Also, this is perhaps the only time I will confess to the fact that own goals were scored. The brother breathed patiently and told me I could shift and be on the defense if I wanted. So I did that. But the opponents had me. I held up my white flag and took refuge behind my camera just so I could regain some lost pride. I was the elder sister after all. I did need something to fall back on!


Here’s my darling brother holding fort all by himself. So brave. So focused. So awesome! Isn’t he the coolest?!

Because we were at a brewery, we just had to call the mother because she does have a soft spot for the good stuff. Everyone in the family does. Say the word beer and watch the magic that unfolds!


Here’s my beautiful ma, my best, my most awesome ma! She hates being photographed and worse still, she has a knack of looking into the distance (or into people’s head off late) just as the shutter goes off. Yeah, ma, bro and I are the yin-yang team alright!


But then my babiest brother realized what was going on and here’s what it resulted in as S clicked our pic. I like this one much! :) You can see crazy popping out of our ears!


See what I mean? I decided I wanted one with the two crazies. S looks relieved that he’s just a brother from another mother, honest to God! Crazy at go, that’s what we are and will always be.

The beer was had, the food devoured, the music sung to and the fooseball players well played. It was time for some meaner boy stuff we had to get out of the way before it was too late. And here’s where we headed.


This is a classic example of the brother trying to pose while trying not to pose just so he can act cooler than his age and pretend like he doesn’t like being photographed! Bollocks! But he looks darn cool either way, so I’m glad we got that out of the way!

Before we knew it, Saturday was over and we were completely spent. There was another long and very important day ahead and since I was to take my youngest brother for his exam and to the railway station directly after that, we decided to call it a night.

Time flew on Sunday. I cannot recollect how we woke up, traveled almost 80 kms (you got that right) one way to his exam center which wasn’t even in the city, got his exam done with and left for the station. We had to have lunch so we stopped by at the fastest option we had – McD – before we continued on our journey.


And when I wasn’t looking, he sneaked up and bought me a sundae! My babiest bought me a sundae. Sniff. So we had our sundaes while our burgers got prepped, then snarfed the burgers en-route to the station and made it well in time for the train. It was there that we spent a rather lazy afternoon on a bench at the railway station; chatting, catching up and absorbing the silences in between.

His train arrived and he was all set. As much as I love trains and stations, I despise departures. It’s always such a bittersweet feeling.


I had to sneak pictures of him while he spoke to ma. I just had to.


And then he found out! 

And then his train left.

And then I felt happy and sad.

But I’m glad the exhaustion took over because saying bye is just the hardest ever.