I cannot recollect exactly when my fascination for images germinated or when it spread its roots into my ideas of expression. From as far back as I can remember, images always gave me my very own magic carpet which could take me through the many stories that warranted a visit or two, right in them…exclusive to my own eyes and my own wings of imagination and story telling, yet universal for everyone else to see and get their own magic carpets. Speaking via imagery, sometimes through the medium of word constructs, and sometimes with the assistance of composition, somehow emerged to become my primary love and therefore most chosen platform of expression. There always had to the promise of an image in whatever I did or read or tried to say…there always still has to be. And so it is as if automatically that my mind and my faculties turn towards finding a mode via which allows me to communicate best – through photographs. When the merger happened, I do not know. How it happened, I do not know. That it has happened is a story I’m only too happy to showcase through my work.

Join me in my search for meaning, art, life, beauty, passion and love through my interpretation of all things big and small that come our way. Dive into my love for what is my way of life and discovery. Welcome to the windows of my world. May your search and discoveries tell you all that you want to hear and all that you find hard to hear or see.

In my attempt to share my photographs with you, may you find more about yourselves, and leave feeling the same sense of wide-eyed wonder which encapsulates the essence of my expressions. And may you come back for more. :)


Rest assured all photographs are clicked by me and are therefore © the author of this blog and its pages.