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169: Mangoes, Litchis, And Jimmy

19 Jun

There’s nothing more my life revolves around right now than these three loves.

I’ve lost all sense of time and do not know which day I’m at and how far along my holiday in the hills has gone. My days are spent reading, staring at the mountains, watching sunsets, and cuddling Jimmy.

I’m almost done reading A Princess Remembers, while remaining snuggled in between blankets and the cool draft that blows here from time to time.

Staying in bed for a considerable chunk of the day isn’t something I’m used to or enjoy too much. However, I’m taking what I’ve got – free time, peace, solitude, and a great view right from my bed – and making the best of it for as long as it will last. :)

Oh, and while I’m at it, I’m digging into chilled litchis and mangoes, because wow!


167: Surrender

17 Jun

157: It’s A Feeling

6 Jun

…that of ordering sundaes from Corner House, and settling back into our respective couches to catch up on episodes of The Crown, which btw, we’re completely hooked on to.

From what I gauge, and from what is in fact the way of the world, all that glitters isn’t gold, and the grass always somehow looks greener on the other side.

Having said that, I will also maintain that I’ve always wanted to live like royalty, even if it was for just a day. Okay two. :P

127: A Day In Bed

7 May

I spent a large amount of my Saturday glued to my bed, risking the “in bed for too long” headache that almost always arrives in time to remind me of my lethargy. Having kept work at work, I had the weekend to my fancy, quite literally. Friday evening saw a barrage of random cooking that took place, without a thought and without much deliberation – I had a mutton curry going, a keema matar (mince + green peas prep) going, and an assortment of vegetables – to simply put it, the cooking bug had bitten me and there’s no other explanation for this sort of thing. Nevertheless, my meals for the weekend were more or less sorted, (but I still indulged in our Sunday rajma chawal prep), and there was time at hand to do exactly nothing.

So I called for some KFC (the nerve, especially after all that cooking!), sat on my bed and munched my way through the latest season of Scandal. Quite scandalous indeed, but one of the best I’ve seen so far. It also made me cry, which is a first. But then again, it isn’t surprising considering it’s Shonda Rhimes we’re talking about. How fantastically powerful each character has been. Needless to say, the feminist in me felt sated – because did you watch how fabulous that entire balance between men and women was? That’s what I think feminism really is; anything else just being too sickening to even stomach.

My binge tv-watching was all done, and while my head was relieved, my greed wasn’t. We hopped on to a neighbouring market which made me realise just how much I love being at home, especially during summer. Being surrounded by overly dressed people, so many of whom were my students I really didn’t want to even catch a glimpse of, the anti-socialite in me wanted to get back home and hang out with only my husband, and him alone. We’re glued to Designated Survivor, if I haven’t already told you. Chilled beers, mutton curry and rice, tv shows, and sharing a mini sundae, are according to me, one of the best ways to spend a weekend in. We are weekend-in people, because neither of us can stomach this 45 degree weather, nor malls bursting at their seams (which is all we really have here).


120: Thank God For This Sunday

30 Apr

Because I’m on the go, this post is a photographic one. And man is it exactly the kind of Sunday I needed – quiet pubs playing GnR, mugs of chilled beer, great oriental food, and some amazing company.

Please excuse me while I indulge in some raucous laughter and unbeatable fish fingers with my booze. Happy Sunday, ya’ll!

96: If I Could…

6 Apr

…I’d wish for this. 

89: The Perfect Kinda Day

30 Mar

It’s been a while. A long while since…

I woke up at my will and not the alarm’s.

I waltzed around my now very hot house without the urgency of a timeline to meet.

I had a bath and got back into my boxers on a weekday.

I lay spreadeagled on my bed well into the day and got up only once my you’ve rested too much headache threatened to appear.

I watched Girls, which by the way, I thoroughly enjoyed. What a fabulous season this is!

I ordered lunch in with a fridge full of home food.

I pondered over moving my ass to be productive and use a holiday well, and declined to do so anyway.

I just had the time of my life being alone and soaking in this feeling of a break.

I’ll admit it’s been perfect so far. Too good to be true, to be honest. A lot of me thought twice about writing even, but I waited till now (when most of the day’s gone and done with) to write and keep abreast with this challenge.

Sometimes this is all one needs. It was just yesterday when it became evidently clear to me that the one thing of luxury you could ever give a working woman was a (foot) massage. My feet were killing me and all I wanted was to put them up. It’s crazy how underrated these simple needs are really. And I got to address most of them today for which I’m so grateful. I cannot remember the last time I indulged myself in the pleasure of nothing, of dolce far niente. :)


63: Petrichor Therapy

4 Mar

Yesterday when I was on a walk, all my senses kept telling me was spring, I cannot take my eyes off you. The season turned sometime before I left for Bangalore, which was immediately picked up by our bodies. Our feet thirstily sought the respite of an open space in the quilt, which just a couple of days back were vehemently sealed from external intrusions by the cold. Sometime during the night, hot sweats made us push our blankets away, all when asleep. It didn’t feel necessary to seek the comfort of direct sunshine anymore. Our throats sponged cooler water more easily than warm water. Looking at ginger was off putting when tea time arrived. The cushioning of hearty wintry meals now felt heavier on our tummies. The changes were almost overnight, but so very subtle. Spring had made her grand entry, and we were all waiting.

The weather is fabulous as we speak. There’s a cool freshness in the air; everything around me is new, green, resplendent, and awake. Winter flowers and vegetables, while will be dearly missed, have made way for the months that lie ahead. They say the sun is significantly harsher during wintertime, but it feels otherwise now. The squirrels and birds around me now wait for that heady mix of shade, sun, warmth, and coolness to stretch out and relax. It’s in the air, it’s all around me, and my senses cannot have enough of this magic that’s spreading its sparkle within and beyond its reach.

I wait for the sun to travel further along its daily course, as it gets milder, softer, less prickly and overbearing. I wait, sometimes patiently, sometimes impatiently. Petrichor in part, is the fluid that traverses the veins of Gods, the Greeks say. And so the wait to indulge in its fullness, its richness, its vibrancy and depth, is hardly easy. When the sun’s out of the way, my water bucket’s full and with it, begins my (almost) daily ritual – watering my plants. The tranquillity, this meditation of sorts, is intoxicating as my surroundings brim with the experience I was thirsty for, waiting for.



This moment, this time with my very crazy and moody babies is mine, and mine alone. There’s giving, taking, responding, and immense fulfilment. Sometimes I talk back. Sometimes I just sit and watch.

But mostly I’m just thankful.

There’s no better elixir than magic coursing through your being like it belongs there by default. :)

26: It’s The 26th!

26 Jan

As my country woke up to its 68th Republic Day, I found myself awake at a time when I was hoping to be ensconced in a comfortable sleep instead. It was much before the parade was due to start anyway, and the idea of reading in bed did strike my fancy when I woke up at 5am, this morning. I would’ve ideally loved to get out, sneak a bake in, get back into bed, and then wake up to the divinity of a freshly baked cake or muffins, perfect for a weekday holiday indulgence. It would’ve also made me feel super productive, efficient, and capable. But I sneaked a peek at my phone instead, and drifted back into sleep, thankfully.

I woke up well in time for the parade, and having prepped today’s meals yesterday, because I was feeling efficient and not because the parade was to be on (it’d slipped my mind, to be honest), everything went on smoothly. We had our rounds of tea, breakfast, and I even made it to watch the anthem, the 21 gun salute, and of course the entire parade, in time. At first we were on NDTV, but nothing of national significance is complete without featuring our national channel DD on it, no? So we switched to DD instead, and relived numerous moments from our childhood via this simple switch. It’s amazing how so much has changed, and yet how DD still remains the same. So much so that it even missed the proper coverage of the sukhoi formation. Sigh. But I did love the presenter and the language she used. So much grace, and so much dignity.

Either way, the weather has turned for the worse here. We’ve switched on the lights so early, and it’s a grossly saddening experience to endure. The storm outside makes me want to find my comfort in a hearty meal or an engrossing book. I wanted to do a bit of shopping but that’s ruled out. Moreover, since every single cop in and around NCR has been deployed for R-Day duties, it’s quite a challenge to go out on roads with no authorities supervising them. Lol.

Anyhoo guys, it’s the 26th, it’s a holiday; you’re probably on a long weekend break if you booked in advance, or are just doing more holiday things instead of staring at a screen. It’s time for me to get out of here as well, and see what I can treat myself to, in this wretched weather. Happy Republic Day, peeps!

21: Currently Thoroughly Enjoying

21 Jan

My life, at this very moment, feels like a scene right out of a movie. There’s the weather factor, which is oddly but expectedly, quite so very under. It’s an overcast day, which only spells cold and more cold. The sun has hardly been out, and when it does get the chance to show itself, it is but a mere shadow. But that isn’t the movie-ish bit, just a hugely contributory element, due to which the movie bit comes in on cue at present – I’m writing this post, all cuddled in bed. It’s one of those weekend afternoons, spent in the luxury of one’s blanket and bed. I was blanketed in, surrounded on one side by a lovely, comforting hot water bottle, and on the other side with my kindle, engrossed in the world of Anna Arkadyevna Karenina. I actually bought myself this classic a few years ago, and remember reading it with the exact same keenness as now, but stopped after the first part for reasons I don’t remember. A lot of me thinks it’s because I got tired of holding the book up while reading it; a hugely prominent factor because of which most of the bulky books I own, remain either entirely unread or abandoned.

Anyhoo, I was a fly on Anna’s wall, till the doorbell rang, just like how all doorbells ring when you never expect them to. In my very asocial case, I seldom desire doorbells to be rung at all, in the first place. I’ve mentioned my loathing for them quite abundantly on this blog – over here, here, here, and here – see? So, it did ring, and I was instantly and most irritably, transported back to this world, and far away from what seemed to be a very warm and lively ballroom. It was S, my istriwala (the guy who irons our clothes); and while I was disturbed from my very cushy position in bed, which takes a lot of adjusting to be perfect especially when you’re reading, mind you, I was also thankful that S not only showed up with my husband’s clothes, but also made me think about writing my post that was due today. I’d put it off for another day; the sheer blasphemy that ensues when you’re so darned tranquil and content, haha!

I feel like (a rotund) Meg Ryan from You’ve Got Mail. That’s what I meant when I typed the first line of this post out. I’m in my woolies, in bed, with my laptop on my lap, and typing away to glory, feeling very important, and purposeful. Also, the added sfx of my typing, makes me feel so inexorably complete that it had to feature in my blog post today. But that’s about it. The filminess ends here, for the post at least. Everything else in my life today, screams reality over reelity. A is under the weather, the hot water bottle is because the lower half of my body is on medical leave for the next few days, and my day since I first woke up, has been more organised and productive than any Saturday I’ve had in the longest time. My morning bevvys, tea, breakfast, and lunch were all made and done before the maid could leave; therefore ensuring that all my dishes were done and my kitchen cleaned before it struck 1030am; the bathrooms were cleaned, my bath was had, the house was cleaned, the laundry was done, post which K3G was watched uninterruptedly. I love it when I don’t have to get up in between watching something. It has all worked out well so far; even this blog post is up in time…and I couldn’t really care about dinner, so that’s an added bonus.

What I’m trying to say is that despite not having a genie to wait upon me, and make my domestic life a breeze, despite both of us being under the weather which is in itself not faring too well today, and despite forfeiting so many hours over a crybaby movie, all is well and to be thankful for. I’ve emerged feeling very well rested (because I’m still in bed), and like I’m in one of my favourite movies. Soon, when the restful headache begins to stir within me, I will make myself a steaming cup of tea, and still try not to care about dinner. After all, there’s only so much a faux movie star can think about, right? Besides, I’m that self-confessed precocious girl who thinks not all meals ought to be fussed over, or even thought about.

To sum up, I’m currently thoroughly enjoying:

this ambience that’s enveloped me
this wave of sloth that’s washed over me
this slight drowsiness that’s tugging my eyelids
this read that’s absorbed me,
and this Saturday, which feels like home.

Have a beautiful weekend, folks! :)