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160: Making Memories

9 Jun

Mom and I did the unthinkable today; something we haven’t ever done before, I reckon.

We took a walk in Cubbon Park while it rained,

and then slurped on some tea at The Press Club wile it poured.


120: Thank God For This Sunday

30 Apr

Because I’m on the go, this post is a photographic one. And man is it exactly the kind of Sunday I needed – quiet pubs playing GnR, mugs of chilled beer, great oriental food, and some amazing company.

Please excuse me while I indulge in some raucous laughter and unbeatable fish fingers with my booze. Happy Sunday, ya’ll!

113: Sundaze

23 Apr

We’re beating the heat, the blues, the madness, the chaos, and everything else that falls in and around this realm with beer, biryani, and popsicles.

We’re taking Sunday one lost Saturday at a time.

95: Weekdays In A Picture

5 Apr

One ginormous swig of adult coffee OTR!

I’m buzzed, and clueless about where my days go. Meh. 

84: Fridaze

25 Mar

Walks, talks, reminisces, memories, food, and of course, whiskey on a bulk offer. 

How can one resist?

Hope yours was loverly too. :)

80: Refreshing Like The Pop Of A Chilled Limca

21 Mar

Sitting here, nearing the end of yet another day, almost done with a fraction of the things that I’ve put on my board to do, and wishing desperately for Friday to come by, the only thing that makes my mind feel a little bubbly and chirpy is the image and thought of this – the pop and fizz of a chilled limca. Something tells me it has to do with the chilled lemon honey drink I made myself earlier this evening; a treat my senses blindly chose over a cup of tea, which now seems too overbearing thanks to the weather.

The further we proceed into March, the hotter it is becoming. The call of a chilled anything automatically gets bumped up the list, just like how I almost automatically walked to the fridge and made myself this drink which materialized with absolutely no thought or even debate. Summer has just stepped into our lives and promises to be a demanding one on each of us. Let’s just hope for that stock of cold water and lemons to remain perennial.

There’s nothing significant about today’s post, as you may have already gathered. But today isn’t about being any of that. It’s just about me effervescing in this thrill of cool comforts, and of you sharing that experience with me, should you wish to indulge in the freshness it invokes without too much effort.

Cheers! :)

72: Happy Holi!

13 Mar

…from us to you. :)

61: Two Cups Of Tea, Please

2 Mar

Till as recently as a year or less ago, that regular cup of morning tea seldom featured in my life. Sometimes it was had, sometimes coffee was had, and sometimes, when every sense in my body felt far from lethargic, nothing was had. I realised this last week when many a mornings at ma’s place were spent without its appearance. There simply was no need to turn to caffeine – I was as awake as I could be, and as refreshed as a beautifully relaxed mind, body, and soul has the capability to be. That feeling of non-dependency when you think otherwise, is so invigorating, no?

Back when we shifted homes a few months ago, I figured it’d be special, serene, and exclusive to share my mornings with A over a cup of tea. He has to have his tea when he wakes up, and so it made sense to incorporate that need into a private, personal ritual – the ruffling of a newspaper, the breaking of dawn (the sun wakes up after us in wintertime – I promise we aren’t early risers), steaming cups of chai, the crack of a biscuit, silence, peace… exactly how I envision mornings to be for morning lovers and haters, alike. This ritual worked and gave us that added push to get out of bed with lesser pain because who likes cold ripping through that personal warmth you and your blanket share? Only a steaming hot cup of adrak chai (ginger tea) can salvage such cruelty, if given half a chance. And that’s actually where my daily chai routine began.

But as winter fizzled away, so did this crisp and cosy weekday morning routine. There was travel involved, and who knew it could be this destructive to all things set, precise, and habitual. Somewhere down the line, it settled on the realisation that neither of us was a tea before heading out to work person. I wish for us to be that, but we aren’t. Also going through days without a chai fix at mom’s reaffirmed this reality – I didn’t need that stereotypical fix to open my doors to a day.

Yesterday was sprinkled with everything unknown – handling two working lives, a house, our selves, our peace and quiet; all without trying to make it overbearingly difficult or stressful. It’s a skill – to let go in just the right amounts for harmony and control to coexist. We had our tea and it felt lovely; even with me hopping off in between sips to get ready for work. That ideal life of getting everything under control and then sitting down in peace is going to take some tweaking and quite some effort. It happened, nonetheless, and this time around, something told me that my day would depend on it.

There’s nothing like intuition.

And another cup of tea, for reassurance, please.

50: Unchanged

19 Feb

50 days, 50 posts.

Through all the changes, here’s my toast.

While 50 is not much, I think it’s deserving of some special attention, even if it’s with something small.

A lot has changed since I first sunk my teeth into these smilies back in 2006/2007 (I can’t remember).

Then I was a student, now I sometimes wish I was.

Then I thought twice about ordering a plate all for myself, now I can’t do without sharing them for old time’s sake.

Then the waiters hated waiting on us, now they go out of their way to say hello. (It happened yesterday)

Then it was coffee and smilies, now it’s rum iced tea and smilies.

Then they were shared over project discussions, now they’re downed over reminisces and current stressors.

Then we’d wait for money to decide our next meeting, and now we wait for time to be kind.

40: Sacred

9 Feb

That’s what morning tea time with family is. ❤️