124: Chai pe Charcha

4 May

Come, let’s have some chai together, and talk; just you and me.

In this imaginary conversation I’m having with you, my dear reader, I’d ask you how you’re doing and most importantly (since this is a tea-conversation) if you’d like some tea to begin with. Once you’d give me your response, I’d ask you to tell me something that you think is worth sharing – perhaps something positive, to start with. And from there, you and I would engage in some cake-eating, biscuit-snapping, tea-slurping conversation.

(A lot of me wishes this could be true in real time as I write this, but something really is better than nothing)

There’d be laughter, for sure.

And delicious tea, of course.

There’d be cake, biscuits, perhaps sandwiches and crisps.

And there’d be flowers, summer breeze, and frilly skirts that would tickle our knees.

There’d be talk of being responsible and how it’s equally enthralling to throw it all in the wind and not care (sometimes).

There’d be gossip of menial things like the latest red carpet looks and how PC seems to be owning it (after what has evidently been via her hard work).

There’d be talk of girlfriends; that’s certain, and just how necessary they are.

We’d yap, put our feet up, curl our toes around dewy grass blades, and stretch back – in our seats and over the times we’ve had.

We’d stare at flowers, exclaim at them, and remind ourselves that we’re blessed in big and small ways.




2 Responses to “124: Chai pe Charcha”

  1. Bala chauhan May 4, 2017 at 10:45 PM #

    What a wonderful thought of having chai with me and all that follows


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