121: Manic Mondays

1 May

As much as I wanted to avoid this cliche, it’s here and it’s alive. I’m too exhausted to sit, stand, speak, think, or even move. I felt my energy drain off me quite early in the day which could only mean one of these two things – that my body needed a good dose of carbs or that I’m falling sick. It’s a fatigue I can’t describe; one that makes me too tired to sleep. Whoddathunk this line of Coldplay’s song would actually play out in my life one day – when you feel so tired that you can’t sleee-eeeep, stuck in rever-err-erse. I’m really hoping for those lights though. I’ve never wanted them this bad.


I hope you’ve had a better Monday, dear reader. And I sincerely hope to get past this weird phase of ranting. Thanks for listening, though! :)



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