116: Living The Tease

26 Apr

My city has a (sick) reputation of being the worst tease ever. EVER. The sky turned black today afternoon as I walked out of my staff room and approached the quadrangle. I couldn’t have asked for a better sight or thought in this scorching 40+ degree weather. I did a celebratory jig and proceeded to book my cab home – one would ideally walk in weather conditions like that, but this place is more dust-storm-esque. I reached home, savoured my lunch as I usually do all by myself, and proceeded to accompany my house help in random banter.

I spoke only about the weather, the beautifully menacing black clouds and the prospect of rain. Except she came, did her work and left, A came home and we settled down for the night and it still hadn’t rained a drop. NOT A DARNED DROP.

Had it been Bangalore, it’d have poured with free abandon, bringing along with it the uprooting of countless trees and the snapping of wires, among other rainy urban headaches. But this place? It doesn’t give a fuck about any of us. The clouds appear, and soon enough a dust storm and wind storm ensue. And sure enough the clouds scurry along to places other than this darned heat-hole.



One Response to “116: Living The Tease”


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