111: Choosing Battles To Pick

21 Apr

…and almost all of them have got to do with fighting for my self.

Saying no, without the blink of an eye.

Standing my ground when necessary.

Drawing lines in markers so that they’re starker, darker, more ingrained.

Maintaining boundaries.

Letting go and learning to give in to leniency whenever I can.

Shutting off with an aggression, because nothing else works.

Risking tip-toeing into the softer side of just being.

Therefore, easing off on that rigidity.

Applauding myself when everyone and/or everything is silent.

Respecting myself.

The last one, I realised, will happen when I stop to consider myself, to give myself a second thought, glance, and chance. That everything me starts and stops with me.

I’ll say these practices are helping. :)

Happy Friday! :)


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