109: Can It Get Any Hotter?

19 Apr

Apparently Yes, it can. FOR SURE.

Yesterday while scrounging around my house for chocolates, hoping against hopeless hope that I hadn’t already had them all, I managed to find a tiny box, enough to sate my need for something sweet post dinner. They’d come all the way from Paris, cherries soaked in alcohol, completely adult, and all. I find it imperative to mention this fact here to establish just how delicate REAL chocolates really are, in comparison to our sugar-loaded Indian counterparts. Having been stored in a cool, dry place, I extracted my treasure with great anticipation, and rushed off to our air-conditioned tv room to savour them. What I found instead of a perfectly moulded, beautifully shaped, and easy to hold sweet treat, was a gooey mess. It was savoured, nevertheless.

Things have turned within the span of a week. It hasn’t even been a month since I kept my woolly blanket away and here we are, dying to strip excess all clothes off of us. This weather knows no smoothness, no ease in progression, no kindness. It has arrived, it’s made its statement, and it’s here to stay. Besides, this madness is just the beginning.

There will be days when boiling hot air will poke and prick our skins. There will be days when all we’ll need is water, and seldom anything else. There will be days when two baths won’t be enough; and yet somehow I cannot muster the heart to waste water on simple luxuries. Slathered by talcum powder, it will have to be. There will also be days when you’d want to stay holed up and turn the AC on full whack. And not feel cold in that extreme.

But, people go through this grind, most often with a lot less than we have, and they make it past it without much hue and cry. There will be wars waged because of water, but that’s for another time, and another mindsore.


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