108: The Irony Of Self-Preservation

18 Apr

As I got home from work today, ensconced in my own rather sticky web of thoughts – all work-related – I tried shutting my mind off for a bit. It’s a thing I’m actively and aggressively trying to do because someone like me needs this sort of push to compartmentalize, draw boundaries, and segregate work from home. Or work from my non-work life in general. If it’s something I try to live by within my work – to be organized, in control, and just aware – then it’s something I’m not doing enough of once my work day ends. It wasn’t the case when I was working earlier – my shut laptop and exit from the building meant work after that would only be dealt with the next day, which isn’t as demarcated and strict now. It’s okay for work to spill into every other aspect of life; it’s a done thing.

We’re currently working on this chapter called ‘meeting life challenges’ which primarily deals with stress. To come back from school having taught my classes the meaning, threat, and nature of stress, and how it’s imperative to de-stress consciously and subconsciously, only made me realise that some urgent self-application was indeed due too.

Being assertive is a faraway dream, but being strict about one’s own self-preservation, irrespective of how the general trend is, is possible. It’s not going to stop me from trying and figuring it out, that’s for sure. To have my mind buzzing with thoughts about school, when I’m out of school is an experience I’m undergoing and a challenge that needs to be tackled. It’s normal, I’m told. But for someone who takes more stress than normal people, I’ve got to find my way, and quickly.

Here’s my takeaway for the day – to practice as I preach, or teach, in this context. :)


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