104: Holiday Alarm Conflicts

14 Apr

I went to bed last night faced with this rather thrilling but inane conflict – should I switch off my alarm or should I leave it on and enjoy the pleasure of sleeping on till infinite snooze-ness. The struggle was real, people. It was. After settling in post the completion of some holiday homework I’d gifted myself, this opportunity was too good to not waste my brain cells on. There’s an unbridled joy in switching off one’s alarms, and there’s an equally incomprehensible joy in defying that snooze and letting one’s sleep take over. It might seem stupid and silly, bordering on wtf, but haven’t you woken up on many a morning wishing you could sleep in indefinitely? Either way, I decided to switch my alarms off and gift us both the joy of undisturbed sleep. So it was, and that’s how I began my day.

Small joys can seldom quantify just what they mean, no?



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