103: Keeping Me Going

13 Apr

If I don’t already sound like I’m drowning in a pile of my own self-created and self-induced stress, then let me tell you that the only thing which got me through this week was that today was my actual Friday. I couldn’t have cared about anything else – not the storm that’s about to unfold next week, not the mountain of work that’s magically expanding in size, and not even the fact that I’ve to sit with books every single day. It’s a fantastic ostrich syndrome I’m undergoing, and I tell you, the view from here is killer – it’s dark, cooling, and most importantly, it’s quiet, and there’s no one around in this pile of dirt I’ve stuck my head into.

This long weekend is my manna to heaven and I’m going to make it exactly that. Everything else can and will have to wait.


One Response to “103: Keeping Me Going”


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    […] there was today in its entirety – a storm. I mentioned the coming of this storm here, and so it has arrived in full force. A lot of me is thankful for not knowing where my day went, […]


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