98: Sisters And Saturdays

8 Apr

I can’t remember when last we sisters got dressed up to randomly walk around a mall and indulge in some unplanned retail therapy. It’s unusual for us to do something like this because we live in different cities and then again, we’re not mall people at all, especially on the weekends. But here we were, all packed into a car which deserved an All Ladies parking spot just because it felt apt, hopping from one showroom to the other. Needless to say, unplanned shopping did happen. That harmless set of accessories or dresses on sale, that steal you find at the bottom of a pile or those shoes that look too pretty to resist – they all were dunked right into our bags.

Malls and shopping were born to make us all broke. But (temporarily) happy and broke. Sometimes I wish to have enough and more to buy things that don’t make me think twice, but imagine how that’d pan out? Perhaps we’re best where we are, sometimes. Except when it comes to buying things you really need – because of course what you really need is never really there when you need it. After waltzing through the entire colour palate that was a cosmetic brand’s lipstick range, and after feeling partially colour blind (man those myriad multiple colours that pleasantly assault your senses!), I didn’t get what I zeroed in on. Fate. Shopper’s luck. Murphy. Call it whatever you want. It was there, and it struck when I wasn’t watching.

But this made up for it when we got back home. Back into our shorts we hopped, on the floor we sprawled out, and into this magic we caved in, sharing bites between us four. Whatever our respective lucks might be, there’s nothing more healing than sister time with the added bonus of a ginormous box of these sweet air fluffs! :)




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