89: The Perfect Kinda Day

30 Mar

It’s been a while. A long while since…

I woke up at my will and not the alarm’s.

I waltzed around my now very hot house without the urgency of a timeline to meet.

I had a bath and got back into my boxers on a weekday.

I lay spreadeagled on my bed well into the day and got up only once my you’ve rested too much headache threatened to appear.

I watched Girls, which by the way, I thoroughly enjoyed. What a fabulous season this is!

I ordered lunch in with a fridge full of home food.

I pondered over moving my ass to be productive and use a holiday well, and declined to do so anyway.

I just had the time of my life being alone and soaking in this feeling of a break.

I’ll admit it’s been perfect so far. Too good to be true, to be honest. A lot of me thought twice about writing even, but I waited till now (when most of the day’s gone and done with) to write and keep abreast with this challenge.

Sometimes this is all one needs. It was just yesterday when it became evidently clear to me that the one thing of luxury you could ever give a working woman was a (foot) massage. My feet were killing me and all I wanted was to put them up. It’s crazy how underrated these simple needs are really. And I got to address most of them today for which I’m so grateful. I cannot remember the last time I indulged myself in the pleasure of nothing, of dolce far niente. :)




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