88: Opposites Day

29 Mar

Things are falling more smoothly into some sense of a routine now. Where once it all felt like things were falling apart or that there was just too much and so little time to do the many things that needed to be done, it now feels a little more in control. I’m still to overcome my Monday blues and hope that dissipates with the arrival of a stronger sense of assuredness and control.

However, after that introduction, let me tell you that today was a day of opposites. No plan, and I mean absolutely no plan of mine went as per its setting. If there were set plans, then they all went awry, all the frikkin time. Sometimes you’ve just got to put your hands up and surrender; and today was that day for me.

Neither did my classes go as per plan, nor did my day’s schedule, and neither did my mealtime as well. Perhaps this is a rant, perhaps this is just me saying that it’s best to take days like these with a pinch of salt, especially if you’re a control freak who needs to have things done a certain way.

That said, it all makes the bargain of being super organized that much of a haha moment. I know life so far to be unpredictable. It’s stupid of me to have thought the rest of my plans would stick together all the time.



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