85: Spring Sundays

26 Mar

The weather’s changed too fast, too soon. It’s like we just wrapped up with winter when summer stepped in without giving spring a chance.

It’s not even been a month since we stashed away our winter clothes and before we knew it, we’d to bid adieu to our blankets too (we’d done away with our quilts already). Then came the equinox and I’ve never seen this extreme fluctuation ever before. The fan’s on full swing and the AC was given a trial run too. We’ve also started witnessing a shift in appetites too…warming, hearty foods just don’t appeal to us anymore. Where once a cup of tea brought us comfort, now just feels discomforting. Needless to say, my trials with setting curd have ended thankfully, which means we get to have more cooling curd-related drinks. Yay!

As if to acknowledge Spring’s presence, carnival was held complete with food, clothes, and game stalls. The weather in the evenings is addictively balmy and perfect for a sitdown at the lawn, complete with light chaat. 

And that’s just what it was, indeed.



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