82: Things I’m Listening To

23 Mar

When my ears aren’t ringing from the general pandemonium that unleashes once the final school bell rings, here are the earworms I actively soothe my ears with, to counter the insanity that I’m afloat in on a daily basis.

A track that’s a 100% Coldplay without even trying, along with timely breaks (literally) signature of The Chainsmokers.


Talking about The Chainsmokers, here’s a track of theirs I can still listen to endlessly especially when on a drive and with my shades down. Of course I meant to the grocers when I spoke about this so called “drive”. It works either way.


This one’s for when I’m in the process of unwinding but still feel like I’ve got some groove left in me to do a dance or two.


It’s been a while since I’ve devoted some time exclusively for music; a luxury that’s slipped away from my weekdays. However, there’s no balm which soothes like music does, and so it was just last weekend when I switched everything else off to immerse myself in the soul of music. I shared that here. That was a spectacular night of watching the flickering lights of aircrafts descending towards the airport interspersed with unflinching stars, in the company of my husband, our respective whiskies, and of course the joy ride that was Coke Studio Pakistan. Here’s an old gem I stumbled across that night as well. Do listen, it’s nothing short of amazing, as usual.



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