73: Post Festive Blues

14 Mar

I’ve always maintained that the day after a major festival ought to, by rule of thumb, be made a mandatory holiday. It was my firm belief much before I even got married or had this mountain of responsibility land on my head. There’s nothing more dire than the need to put one’s feet up and just not care about the whats, wheres, whos, and hows of life, forget the day. The changing face of how we celebrate festivals now makes sense. Who has the time to dive into the fineries and traditions of festivals, who has the bandwidth to undergo all the madness and then head straight back to work without feeling like a whirlwind stormed past you? It all fits now.

Most of our Holi was spent in getting things together. No matter how hard I tried to be more hands on and organized, I just couldn’t help but enter the kitchen and dive right back into the spirit of Holi’s festive cooking right on the day of the festival. There was a Saturday workday to blame, but I’m not going there again. Considerable amounts of bhaang ki thandaii were also consumed once we’d smeared each other with some colour post which there were sessions of mindless, stupid roars of laughter. This was the first time I dove headlong into the world of bhaang, and it was great fun while it lasted. The next day, not so much.

It turns out that we both felt more bogged down in general, which we attributed to general tiredness. Our day has been considerably long so far, and there’s still some more to go. All said and done, and keeping bhaang aside, my only wish to the calendar gods is this and this alone: we need a post festive holiday.


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