70: A (Not So) Sucky Saturday

11 Mar

There’s nothing worse than two things in the life of a working person:

a) being robbed of the joy of Friday in its entirety, and

b) being robbed of a Saturday, irrespective of how long or short the duration of one’s workday is.

Having said that, here are two things that made me feel better about a long weekend being snatched away from me (only because I’m trying to be thankful and grateful):

a) that I’m not the only one who works Saturdays, and that it’s just a minute fraction of our working population which gets a five day week, and

b) I got to spend time with this bunch again. I went a step ahead and asked them their names this time. My timekeeper was Garv, the handwriting one who had it all under control was Bhavika, the general attention monger was Tejas, and the first bencher with big specs came without them to his desk. There were also other characters that popped up on my invigilation radar, and what a cute bunch they are indeed. :)



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