66: And We’re Marching On!

7 Mar

I find the need to use an exclamation mark in the title because March has been all about that – no time to stop, no time to think, and certainly no time to dream. Life hasn’t gotten seriously busy like it has for many others who hold a job, keep a house, look after their family, and so on. When I think it’s getting a little too much, or when it feels like I’m bordering on feeling overwhelmed; panicked, if you will, I take a moment and look at what everyone else around me must be going through. We may lead different lives, have different priorities and agendas, but we’re all in it, and heading somewhere. The only thing is that the rest of them all make it look effortless and just so in their stride – family? done, school work? done, cooking? done, housekeeping? done, husbands? done, keeping it all together and showing up? totally done.

Finding my feet in this newfound routine never was going to happen in a week, or two weeks, even. Because just when you think you have it all under control, when you’ve checked every task off your list and are ready to finish the final chore before calling it a day, your internet decides to take a break indefinitely; only appearing in bursts like a mindfuck tease you just don’t need.

But, we’re marching on, because we must.



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