64: Weekend Gratitude

5 Mar

I’m going to refrain from too much writing today because it’s the weekend and it’s been exactly what I’ve dreamed of weekends to be like.

I woke up to a tickle and a laugh,

to tea that I didn’t make,

and which wasn’t made with tea bags and a kettle.

I was gifted the luxury of clarity, and therefore preparedness

when it came to our weekend meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner were sorted,

with time to spare for R to help clean up.

Dal chilas (lentil pancakes) with coriander chutney, and chai for breakfast,

rajma chawal with raita for lunch,

and an order in for dinner as we couched the night through a tv series.

Oh, there was the grace of an afternoon drink,

and the respite of a siesta too.

This was a Saturday of dreams; one that doesn’t come by with as much ease.

And I’m only thankful because that’s all there is to be. :)



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