62: Right Into The Pool

3 Mar

It’s been well over a year since I quit my job and left Bangalore. I don’t ever remember what it felt like to sit at home without an agenda to turn to. The last time I quit a job ever so randomly was shortly after I’d joined the place –  a horrible experience; my first and hopefully the last – and I still recollect ma telling me that sitting at home wasn’t an option. Luckily, another opportunity came my way soon after, and it was one that would stick with me till I’d relocate.

The past year was immensely trying; never had it been this difficult to get a call from somewhere, anywhere. Never did silence bang on my door this loudly. Never had rejection felt this prickly. You’ll get something worthy of you when the time is right, I’d cajole myself. I do believe in the conspiracies of this universe wholeheartedly, in the need to surrender when all else fails. Call it faith in the synergies of forces much larger and stronger than us, if you will.

Not so long ago, I got an unexpected call from a school, and before I could comprehend what was going on, they offered me a job. I remember staring at that email well into the night, showing it to A repeatedly just to recheck if I hadn’t in fact lost my mind. Here I am today, a new joinee all over again. And here I am, trying to stay afloat in the pool I’ve been thrown into.

There’s a lot going on, and it’s naturally not advisable to compare anything, ever. Therefore what was once a cushy, comfortable corporate life, is now a walk down corridors ringing with the chaos and madness that is a school abuzz with all things it should be. I’m still trying to find my feet; I highly doubt it’ll happen anytime soon. There are children of all sizes, lengths, voices, hairstyles, and of course types, even though they’re all clad in the same uniform.

Yesterday, during an impromptu invigilation session, here’s what my mind was going crazy with behind an obviously strict demeanour.

A girl who had the best handwriting and was attacking her paper with a cool calmness that made me love her instantly. She meant business, but with such composure.

A boy who was my timekeeper – 1 hour 26 minutes left, ma’am; 48 minutes 40 seconds left, ma’am. He wore specs – even more adorable, and I wish he could be my timekeeper forever.

A boy who wanted my attention all the time – it didn’t help that he was made to sit right at the back. Ma’am, can I eat? I’m done with my paper. What even…hahaha!

A boy who wrote his paper with every ounce of seriousness that he could hold together, but in a jiffy (he was done over an hour before the bell went), who went on to rolling magnets all over his desk and throwing slips of paper with ghosts (Casper) drawn on them. (the girl in front of him handed me the piece sombrely, hoping to get her worth from that unruly distraction)

A front seater who wore specs that were very smart, but too big for his face.

A boy who didn’t know what was going on – with the paper, and the world at large.

That girl who unfortunately had it all in her stationery kit, especially during an exam.

A boy who promptly walked up to me after he was done and asked if he could play with a rubix cube. Where even? Apparently classrooms now have these ingenious contraptions for times like these.

And of course, it seemed like most of the class was on a trip to the washroom. In ones of course.

So yes, I’m right into the pool and giving it my all to stay afloat and informed and everywhere all at once and just enough to be out of everyone’s way.

And I also feel that this might just be the universe’s way of making me hands on with kids, because I just don’t know how to. :)


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