54: Time’s Flying

23 Feb

A tends to join me in Bangalore during the fag end of my trip, and so it has been more often than not. His arrival heralds two things: that it’s time for me to switch roles and become a wife, and the realisation that my holiday is nearing its end. It’s a bittersweet feeling, I’ll admit.

We all went to receive him late last night, and here he is, ready to put his feet up and see the city from my eyes. I always have so many places to take him to, so much to tell him about, so many experiences to try and relive with him. Some of them happen, some of them remain as wishes; sometimes for the best.

The partner in me has taken charge without a second thought, but the daughter in me still wants to hold on to time a little longer. Where does time go by so fast to?



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