39: Dilliwali

8 Feb

A lot of me loves living in this city that I’ve now made my new home. It’s not a safe place to live in, is horribly polluted, but while it has quite a lot of negativity attached to its name and character, living in NCR has made me discover a lot about myself too. I never thought any place other than Bangalore could ever be my home, even after deciding to not settle in my home city. However, living in the northern part of my country has brought alive a lot that was latent in me. Bangalore will always be home, but I’ve come to realise quite some time ago, that home is wherever you’ll go; wherever you’ll feel like you’ve always belonged or are going to belong to. Cultures, people, climates, and other subjective factors aside, NCR has given me the space to germinate this feeling of home.

What I came here to do was to make this a picture post with captions. However, I seem to have digressed and overshot this caption word limit. Over the past week, I got to see more of Delhi while taking my in-laws out. Of course experiencing New Delhi is synonymous with diving headlong into its gastronomic delights. I promise that this really is the food capital of India – people love cooking, people love eating, people love feeding. It’s a collectivist attitude. From raw vegetables to greasy street Chinese, deep-fried snacks to steamed sweet potatoes, roasted groundnuts to chole bhature; this city has it all and more. I haven’t even experienced the tip of this iceberg.

Last week saw us eating at least one meal out. My MIL wanted some south-Indian fare, and the only one closest to us was a restaurant neither of us had visited. The previous place we took her to during her last visit was Sarvanna Bhawan all the way in CP which wasn’t feasible. However, the gem we stumbled upon just a ten minute walk from our house had me thank the universe – I don’t remember savouring a bowl of uddin vadas and rasam with this much satisfaction and joy, ever before. Their rasam is perfect, their vadas a pillowy crunchy dream. We gave this restaurant an encore a couple of days later – utterly delightful.


Rasam Vada at Naivedyam

The best treasures to come across are when you’re knee-deep in shopping and too exhausted to care. If you’re in Lajpat Nagar, and you’ve either walked too much or shopped too much or both, you will stumble upon eateries tucked away in gullies, or stalls, or carts brimming with food. This is what we had and thoroughly enjoyed.

If the weather’s a dream, like it was when we visited LPN, do stop by for a roadside Chinese combo. At 130 bucks for a non-veg and 120 for a veg combo, it’s the perfect thing to have during winter shopping.



Non-veg combo

Here’s what’s on our must-have list, when we visit LPN otherwise – ram laddoos and golgappe (not in the picture)


Ram Laddoo

Now you know why I love living here more than I don’t. :)



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