37: Blogging On The Go

6 Feb

I’ve never done it before…you know, whisking my phone out and swiftly typing a post out. Not only do I find it cumbersome but I think I’m just not used to it. There’s so much to say and it feels like writing it out on the phone won’t do justice to the space I need – it’s weird. However, with this commitment in mind, I wasn’t left with too many alternatives; therefore there were times when I penned my posts down and kept them for a decent internet connection to publish, and there were times when I’ve posted in retrospect.

What I do find with posting on the go is that I don’t like it. Technological convenience and ease aside, staring into my phone when I’m on the go makes me feel foolish and wasteful – why travel even when you’re lost in your phone, is what I ask myself. It takes away the moment, the experience, the fullness that encompasses being on the go.

For someone like me who finds it hard to keep her phone away, it’s a balance I’m trying to strike between this challenge and being in the moment. After all, apart from the fact that it isn’t easy for me to write on the go at all, other factors such as a decent network connection and just plain being busy become real obstacles in being up to date with this challenge.

This was my first experience trying to juggle the two – sometimes I tried, and sometimes I let go. But mostly, I let go. Being in the moment won hands down. :) Pardon me for being MIA when on holiday; it’s just the way it ought to be. :)


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