34: Reliving Irreplaceable Memories

3 Feb

Some memories are best captured by experience, then pictures and words. It’s been the longest time since I took a train journey, so when an opportunity presented itself, I was happiest that we took it. 

While waiting for our train to arrive, my path crossed that of the platform’s bookstall, where I picked this kids comic up just for keeps. They didn’t have Tinkle, which I associate with train journeys, among other things that kept us kids busy in transit. Magnetic ludo, snakes and ladders, trump cards, comics, and when we grew up a little more, a walkman along with prized self made mixed tapes. And books. Always. 

Today I’m like a kid at a candy store or for me, a book/stationery store. My excitement knows no bounds. And with that, I take your leave, because hello window seat. :)



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