31: One Month!

31 Jan

One month, you guys, I’ve managed to clock a whole 31-day month. Thank you for stopping by, and for your support. I haven’t felt more gratified on this space in a long, long, time. I solemnly hope that this endeavour continues.

There’s actually so much distress all over the world, and I feel very ostrich-like for not engaging (for the lack of a better word) enough, or speaking out, or just participating, you know? Instead, here I am, wrapped in my own world, not oblivious, but focusing on other things that are more in my control. Moreover, I’m at a loss for words and feel a vacuum within me with respect to so much that’s happening all around us. What’s happening in the United States – does it matter? Yes, it does. But in my view, the US of A does not comprise the entire world; there’s far too much that’s already been happening for much too long in many other countries that didn’t choose to be in the state they are in. I just sincerely hope that we can work towards being more tolerant again, someday.

There wasn’t a plan or a fixed post structure I had in mind on logging in, here. Neither did I think I’d begin with matters that are too heavy to digest. But when you wake up to BBC’s banners with the stuff that’s making news today, it’s just a bitter and deeply disturbing taste to begin one’s day with. Too much, too often, and about the same stuff over and over again. It’s hard to wear blinkers, you know? But not all’s lost, and so I’ll hope, and keep hoping. In the meantime, and almost at the cost of sounding insensitive, I cannot believe I’ve written for a month straight. It’s a strange feeling of accomplishment, I’ll tell you.

When I began, the only thing I wanted, more than writing every day, was to inculcate a habit of consciousness and awareness into my space. I don’t mean to say that mindless writing isn’t therapeutic or healthy; not in the least. But making an effort to be conscious and be in-the-moment of what I’m doing, has given me more than I’d imagined it would. For example, it helps me focus on the positives, more; which in turn helps me experience gratitude more, which in turn enhances my perspectives and way of experiencing things, more. This cycle has shown to me, in just a month, and even during my bad days, that I’m capable of channelising happiness and positiveness; that I overlook the many rights that are overshadowed by fewer wrongs; that it’s so darn easy to miss the good stuff especially when they’re so minute and miss my radar because I’m so busy not looking or being aware. Most of all, writing for a month straight has given me something to look forward to; even on those horrendous days when I cannot put my thoughts into words. I’m not certain about what lies ahead, and I choose not to think about it because it’s not in my control, but I do wish to keep this going. Do keep reading and wish me bloggers’ luck, dear reader. :)

On to the other things, here’s me sharing what I’ve learnt so far (they’re in third person, again, because I’m talking to myself, as usual). Apologies, if there are any repeats.

Take things one day at a time. This doesn’t mean you don’t think about the future or plan for it. It means you set your goal, and then chalk your path towards it, one day at a time. 

Don’t be afraid of the goals you set. Be realistic and practical.

It’s undeniably easy to look at others reaching their goal and to marvel at their willpower. It’s easier still, to chide yourself for not being strong enough. Know that everyone has their struggles and faces their own challenges on their respective journeys.

Understand that bad days are on the same spectrum of okay days and good days. It’s okay to fail.

Befriend patience.


What I’ve learnt is not over the top or even rocket science. It is simple, everyday stuff that’s, believe it or not, quite revolutionary. If I fail in seeing this goal through, I’ll know that I tried and that I learnt from it, the stuff that I did. Hopefully these insights will keep me going, and more importantly, sustain my motivation. And hopefully you’ll continue walking along with me, too. :)

Dear reader, I did intend for this post to be something else altogether, certainly more positive and chirpy, but I cannot, especially today, deny the heaviness that is in me, which seems to want centre stage. I don’t wish to brood or give it precedence over my entire day, and I hope to find the strength to push these thoughts away like I have been for sometime now. However, watching our world fall apart at so many levels is distressing. I’m not sure how many times I’ve used the word hope in my post today, but I reckon it’s also fighting for that centre stage position…and I really hope (haha!) it wins. :)

May we conquer the larger and smaller demons within ourselves and in this world, at large. May we give tolerance its due space on the podium. May we reach out and become more aware, more conscious, more forgiving. And may we learn to live, and love, and to live with love. Sigh. This is me saying ta-ta for the day with the help of one of my favourite people-artists, Molly, from Buddha Doodles. Her work has been hugely inspirational to me.


Have a lovely day! :)

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