29: Babska’s Bloopers

29 Jan

It so often happens that life decides to pepper one’s routine with comic relief. A lot of it comes at the cost of my own faculties and stupidities. Most often they aren’t funny in the moment, instead just immensely vexing and irritating. However, in retrospect, some of them turn out to be good laughs, while some of them, as you will read, remain downright embarrassing. There are many to my credit, and the list only seem to be growing at a ferocious rate. It only makes sense to note them down here, because there are too many, too often. And the speed at which my forgetfulness is roaring forward makes this a good place to pen them down and revisit, when I want to have a laugh at my own self.

Leaving my phone to charge for hours, without turning the plug’s switch on.

Turning the kettle on, with the plug of the toaster inserted in, instead.

Similarly, switching the oven on, with the plug of the toaster inserted in, again! The thing with ovens are that their timers get activated even when the power’s off.

Forgetting that I’ve left water to boil, despite waltzing in and out of the kitchen numerous times, oftentimes even wondering what it was that I was performing said waltz via the kitchen for.

Starting the laundry cycle on, and with full confidence, minus adding any detergent in the detergent pocket of the machine.

Finding clothes that needed washing halfway past the laundry cycle. UGH!

To go a step further, I even forget that I’ve washed clothes and they’re left lying in the machine. This happens especially when I try to be efficient and get laundry done early so that they get extra sun time on gloomy, overcast days. The disappointment and vexation, I tell you!

Forgetting to keep the towel in the bathroom during bath time, especially when I’m either ready to step into the shower and/or have just stepped out of the shower! The irritation is twofold if it’s on a cold day.

Snuggling into bed on a cold day only to realise that I’ve left my bottle of water far away from my bedside table, where it ought to be. You can easily also replace this water bottle with medicines, books, and whatever else it is that one keeps at their bedside table.

Looking for my specs, when they’re *waitforit* right on my nose.

Consequently, spending stupid amounts of time looking for things that are also, right under my nose.

Keeping things so safely that they’re never to be found again, especially when I need them.

Forgetting my shopping bags when I’ve stepped out to shop for vegetables particularly. Each vegetable bag costs a hurtful pinch of thirty freakin bucks!

The worst and most embarrassing blooper I’ve ever had in recent times, and in the prestigious company of my husband was when I went all the way to the bank to withdraw cash without knowing what my account number was. It was just after the demonetisation drive began, where ATMs weren’t working and one had to rely on cheques and stand in serpentine queues. That was a nasty funny one I played on myself and my ego! Haha!



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