16: Middle Class Mentality

16 Jan

I found the inspiration for today’s post earlier this morning when I was pottering about the kitchen to get our morning bevvys in order. Said inspiration was found exactly when I was trying to scoop out every last drop and drizzle from a small honey bottle that had come free with a larger one. I couldn’t let it go to waste; there was easily a tbsp left inside, smeared lazily across its four glass walls. While I was in the middle of this operation, I realized to myself that I was, indeed, a typical middle class Indian who totally lives up to this stereotype. And I’m not even ashamed of it. Heck, that small bottle of honey costs 55 bucks! Btw, it’s Dabur, in case you’re interested in this buy one get (a smaller) one free.

Ps, I don’t like Dabur’s honey, but there was nothing else on the shelves, and I was too lazy to go find myself some other better honey. I miss the Coorg one we get in Bangalore. That never reminds me of the revolting experience I had when I first came face to face with honey, back as a child. Cheese, and honey, have been two acquired tastes, to be honest.

Moving on, here are some other things I’m very middle class about. :P

Asking for complimentary coriander/curry leaves and green chillies after buying vegetables, especially during winter when coriander grows with free abandon. Haha, it reminds me of that ad which is on tv these days – where that man discreetly asks for a bunch of coriander and chillies. But in my defence, if I’ve shopped for vegetables worth 200 bucks, then I deserve some free leaves which, in that amount, do not cost more than a rupee, if you ask me. Okay, maybe not more than four or max five rupees. Honest.

Scooping out every last drop of batter into the cake tin; or anything for that matter – honey, mayo, sauce, ghee. Especially ghee! My heart actually aches when I see these guys on cookery shows throw away what could easily be batter for a slice of cake (once cooked). Do you feel the same agony? I gasp every single time; silently of course.

Asking for my change back. Even if it’s two rupees, I am that Indian who will ask for it back. And if I’m frequenting a shop whose cashier is notorious and has a suspicious track record, I always take my card out. Also, I am not welcoming of toffees in exchange for change.

I compare prices at the supermarket. This habit also elongates my shopping time, which irritates A who finds it overbearing to even come shop for groceries in the first place. I strongly believe this habit goes a long way, and one A does not understand.

I tend to think a million times before getting something for myself, especially since I’ve quit my job. The do you need it vs do you want it debate is always a running commentary in my head. But when it’s time to shop, and when I’ve made up my mind to shop for myself, I do not acknowledge comments or debates, whether they come from me or from anyone else.

I am a hardcore paisa vasool (get the most out of your money) girl. Therefore I steer clear of buffets, sales, and these unlimited offers unless and until I am confident about doing justice to them. Most of the time, i.e., and unless I’m feeling indulgent. My trips to Nagarjuna, Mainland China, and Barbecue Nation happen when I’m ravenous. I think most other buffets in India suck. Especially the one at Chutney Chang.

My mind also constantly feels like it’s being cheated. Especially by the evil of errant auto drivers. My suspicion antennae are at their highest sensitivity when I’m travelling by auto. Haha! The others who also fall under this category are plumbers, electricians, and other handymen.

I am very middle class about excess baggage, especially when I’ve crossed the limit by only a couple of kilos and am without that seven kilo cabin bag that my ticket is allowed.

This post has actually made me feel like those irritated aunties who have a grouse with almost everything. Oh dear God. Lmao!

Just to end, and to be specifically clear, I am not middle class in the least, about leftover soaps that are too thin to use, but which can be combined with other thin used ones to make a ginormous lump of used soap, which apparently can be used. Cannot able to do that. Also, yuck. From a weirdo who thinks that soaps also need cleaning, especially if they fall on the floor, it’s impossible for me to even think of doing such a thing.

Yes, I do wash soaps too.




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