14: Saturday Wins

15 Jan

See, I was supposed to come here and write yesterday, except that when it’s the weekend, things don’t necessarily go as per your weekday routine or schedule. Let me rephrase that to this: weekends never ever follow your weekday schedule. But of course you knew this rule of thumb, I needn’t have had to state it. Haha!

Yesterday saw wins on so many fronts:

I made dosa batter from scratch for the first time in my life, and finally, after over 24 hours of resting, for it to ferment, it was ready at the ripe time of Saturday morning. We had dosas and chutney, and there’s nothing more comforting to me than a good, crispy dosa. I’d say that I’ve a long way to go on this batter front because it wasn’t perfect – my dosas were a little drier than I’d have liked; but I feel immensely satisfied to have started somewhere and tried.

I then proceeded on to make a comforting batch of chole bhature the way my mom in law makes this dish. Again, this one was a win even though it wasn’t really perfect. I’ve begun to realise that chasing perfection comes only after having tried. Also, that it doesn’t really matter as much.

I watched LOTR 3 (we watched the second part the day after the first one was watched). That’s four hours of straight winning, if you ask me. Four hours for a movie is a little too overbearing, and I did wish it’d move faster at many points, but that the main purpose of the plot was met, made me feel better than worse. While I’m not a fan, I’m thankful to have my knowledge base expanded…in that if I ever have guinea pigs again, I’d name one Sam, and the other Frodo, that’s for sure.

While we were in the middle of the movie, and a little after we’d had lunch, the two of us stuffed our faces with some leftover cold pizza. If gluttony was an experience, that would be it a 100%.

And then we went out for drinks for the very first time this year; just the two of us.

I think the day can easily be summed up in two words – couch potato-ing.

So there wasn’t really any time to dedicate to writing, as much as I would’ve loved to. But no regrets, and no regrets at all. :)


2 Responses to “14: Saturday Wins”

  1. anyone4curryandotherthings January 15, 2017 at 7:15 PM #

    :) love, love dosa’s and make quite good ones, too (so JS says) but, ……..no home made Mao for me, into the supermarket and a couple of pouches later home, one to be used straight away the other one into the freezer – this works well, btw. :)

    • Babushka January 15, 2017 at 8:47 PM #

      Yes Carina, that’s ideal! But the ones I’ve got here so far don’t make a dosa at all, therefore the trouble. :)


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