8: Current Achievement Unlocked

9 Jan

Apart from showing up here for a week, productively and successfully, here’s what happened on Saturday night; something which I honestly never ever thought or imagined to achieve… it’s nothing huge or out-worldly, really.

I managed to sit through the first Lord of the Rings movie. See, nothing huge or celebratory to a normal movie-watching human being, right? In fact, it’s almost utterly shocking that it took me so long to get myself to achieve this feat, so muuuhuch after the entire craze washed over humanity, no? I call it a feat because

a) I am not a movie buff, so much so that I don’t recall names of actors, characters, and details from most movie scenes very unlike some of my friends who have these nitty-gritties imprinted in all the levels of their consciousness, trust me,

b) I prefer tv shows because they’re shorter, and therefore less demanding on what seems to be an attention situation I have for events that demand it,

c) to be honest, this film series was one I conveniently classified under the read-before-watch category so I didn’t have to deal with it, much less feel humiliated for not having watched it yet…because it seemed too overwhelming to me – yes I’d judged it as difficult, overbearing, and very time-consuming even before giving it a chance by following the herd back then, and

d) I somehow see it on the same platform as the Harry Potter series – maybe because they both became cults of sorts to a very dichotomous audience. It’s not that one fan base didn’t like the other’s series, it just perhaps came to the world in such a manner – or maybe I came across two very divergent sets of people – those who liked Harry Potter but didn’t care for LOTR, and vice versa. And while I’m not an HP fanatic, it was a very special series which I first read and then watched, like most book-lovers would do. It still is very special, no?

A, on the other hand, is an avid movie watcher and has watched more movies from both Bollywood and Hollywood’s repertoire than I will ever watch in my life. Even the Govinda ones – he says they’re at another level altogether. I discovered this part of him after we got married when would sit down to a movie to relax and unwind, except he’d watched most, if not all the ones I suggested from my very limited knowledge base. And of course he found it blasphemous that I hadn’t even given LOTR a try. First it was my brother who tried his luck at getting LOTR through to me, and then A. Now because I live with A and because a marital relationship is exponentially different from a sibling relationship (hahaha!), I was coaxed into watching it.

So we did, and man was it long; so unnecessarily long. Sorry if you’re a fan. During the movie, I also slunk into the couch and under my tv watching throw by default, only to feel drowsy and stealthily sit back up again once A shook his head in resignation. But, my dear reader, the power of one’s ego can be quite productive when used appropriately. And of course I wanted to prove A wrong, so I sat through it, pretended that it didn’t make me drowsy in parts, that I’d picked up all these alien names in no time, and watch it, I did. Enjoy it, I did. Wish it’d ended sooner, I so did. Understand it, I completely did. No, really. :P And just to salvage my self-respect, I did state sometime, during or after the movie, that I’d waited this long because I’m a book-before-movie girl. Just, finishing touches, you know? :P So, here I was, seemingly victorious on many counts. It had happened, and in peace, with hot dal chawal and chicken ghee roast before a round of good ol vodka and nimbu soda! We also ended a cold war that was on, wins on many counts, ya?

And then he suggested we watch the second part, because hello, that’s the order…



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