4: The First Day Of 2017

4 Jan

…was easily one of those days I never thought would come my way this fast (I mean, come on, it was the first day of a new year!), but it did, and it’ll take a while before it fades away.

Our year ended with quite a bang – a cancelled plan to attend a family get together for NYE replaced by the requirement of an emergency visit back home to the mountains, miraculously finding bus tickets to take us there since it was the NYE weekend and driving on such short notice in this season wasn’t an option, reaching the bus stand to find our bus cancelled (conveniently), buying new tickets with cash and not by card, and finally traipsing our way to the mountains. I’ve never worn so many layers of clothing, more out of the fear of feeling cold during the journey, than of actually feeling that cold. However, my anorak came to my rescue as it always does, and I, for the first time, found myself asleep on a bus journey, albeit for short periods of time. It was a little after 1am when our bus stopped at Bikanerwala (the equivalent of Karnataka’s Kamat highway restaurants) where A and I huddled together and shared a cup of cardamom tea in what was the foggiest night of the year. The busses here stop for a good 30 minutes, which was a pleasant experience to have…there was no clamber, no urgency, and plenty of time to pee in peace. We reached the final stop of the plains at a groggy 4am, from where we hired a taxi to take us on the final leg of the journey back home. I passed out, and that’s all I remember.

That weekend was a complete haze, because we were in attendance of a funeral. And that was what the start of our getaway began. With the funeral done, I remember ringing the new year in my sleep, because the only party I can fathom having in a 5 degree celsius weather condition is by being buried under a mountain of quilts.

Our year also began with quite the bang – we didn’t have return tickets to take us back home because they were all sold out, and it was absolutely imperative for A to return back home and make it in time for office. Tatkal train tickets were bought, again miraculously, because half the world was descending back to the plains on that very same day. I remember us leaving much ahead of time because the mountain roads were under repair. And we made it past 99% of the mountains and were 15 minutes from the station when we got caught in a traffic snarl…one where my very patient and realistic husband declared that this wouldn’t see us through to the train in time. Miss our train, we did. Hunt for alternate tickets, we did. Find tickets, we didn’t. Rent a taxi, we couldn’t. I remember the two of us looking at each other in frustration, fear, distress, irritation, and sometimes in amusement, at just how rotten our luck that entire weekend had been.

After much walking around from bus to bus, we managed to find ourselves the last of two tickets that were available at the last seat on a bus to Delhi, which would reach at the ripe hour of 230am. We took what we got, bought ourselves a packet of freshly roasted hot peanuts with rock salt, found our seats, munched our snack in between conversations and so much relief, and left what we were hoping would be the last of the craziness we’d had to endure.

It turns out that 20 people who were booked on that bus, missed it, and were unable to catch up with it. So we picked our seats, reclined them, and fell asleep to each other’s random talks. I’ve never felt more relieved to be back home. Ever.

The things I learnt the past weekend were these:

Let go of that which isn’t in your control.
You’re never alone.
Everything happens for a reason, no matter how terribly it might test you during its occurrence.
Have faith.
Find positives, even if you’ve to fight to have even a fleeting glance of them.
Make peace, and move on, asap.

Let’s see how the rest of the year goes. :)


One Response to “4: The First Day Of 2017”

  1. sandhyakml January 8, 2017 at 5:36 PM #

    Oh my!! Sounds awful, especially in the cold. I’m glad you made it home in one piece *hug*


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