Confounding Confusion

10 Nov

I’m a bit unclear about why the world at large is making such a hue and cry about an issue such as the outcome of this year’s shockingly absurd POTUS election, over and above the country that voted for their president itself. Why? Half of me wants to keep away from social media and half of me wants to tell whoever cares to listen that America is a grown up nation that can make its own decisions for itself, like it has and always will. I’ve no idea why we’re shedding so many thought calories over this really. Yes, he is a lot of things and more which we the world will never know, but apart from the horrific lack of choice a country’s people are always coincidentally left with especially during election time, isn’t it fathomable to allow the acceptance of this fate majority of the US wanted for itself?

It seems like we are getting a little too intellectual and socialist and selfless about something that the concerned party really doesn’t care as much about. What a ride in the park the past many hours have been. And maybe it’s time to stow away the judgements and armchair politicising for a while. A classic case of poking one’s nose where it doesn’t belong, because yeah Americans were going to come and ask us for our opinion before they went to cast their vote. So social mediaesque and so confounding; it’s hard to catch.

The other thing we were following so closely was the PM’s super strategic decision to do away with our 500 and 1000 rupee notes. Vikram Chandra brought up the same questions I had lingering in my mind once the euphoria of this very decisive change sobered down a bit, and it was – isn’t this new currency going to be illicitly produced and introduced in a matter of time anyway? How does one really curb or tackle this issue of black cash and corruption which has made itself so comfortable around us? He didn’t get his answers and perhaps the government hasn’t thought that far out yet or isn’t keen on divulging its thoughts, but this sweeping move was more impressive than I’ve ever seen in a long while. It isn’t as much about the issue at hand, than it is about having started somewhere. This entire episode has made me believe for the very first time, that operations on a large scale for the country’s benefit are really possible…that standing up to a people of variety such as ours, and armed with a sense of confidence, vision, faith and direction is actually doable. Of course there have been greater large-scale actions executed in our country in the name of taxes and their numerous implementations that have continually been enforced on us, among many others. But this is different and it’s going to be a while before the enormity of this strike dies down in my mind. I won’t deny I’m impressed.

So much is happening all around us. In the middle of all this humdrum, I see that Toblerone earned a cushy news spot on 9th November as well when consumers found the chocolate bar’s peaks to be thinner and valleys broader…all for the same price and minus any disclaimer. Oh to be cheated by chocolate and in the name of chocolate – blasphemous! I know I’d be disappointed to find lesser than I’d expected or was promised. But then again, we live in the land of Lays, so I guess we’re used to it? :)


2 Responses to “Confounding Confusion”

  1. anyone4curryandotherthings December 2, 2016 at 10:51 AM #

    Wow, wow – you said many things here I would have loved writing about and more, as well. But despite my marriage I am still a guest of your country and hence I try not to get involved in certain issues like politics, religion, etc – this would not be right. But kudos to you of speaking up on the US issue, but what happened here on 8 Nov I just like to say that I am so very proud of what he has done, it was s courageous act. BRAVO 😁

    • Babushka December 2, 2016 at 11:29 AM #

      Hehe I highly doubt if anyone from anywhere, even in their own respective countries, can talk about politics and religion freely anymore. :|


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