Resurfacing Again

24 Oct

The laptop is back, and so with it, I hope, a continued consistency of writing on my blog, as well. Let me just take a second to inhale this moment in and get my fix of just being here. I swear I’ve missed it so sorely that I can hardly contain my thoughts and even get them in line for this post.

My favouritest month is here and is now on its last leg. As with all other months this year, I’ve no idea where it sped off to. I haven’t really done anything considerably noteworthy to remember the year fondly; except perhaps travel more than my bank balance would allow. It’s a good and not so good feeling, but I’ll stick with the good bit for now.

October has been relatively packed for the two of us – I did randomly decide to participate in a festive carnival, the results of which were staggeringly bad…but that I tried and put my foot forward was most important and encouraging, I was constantly told and reminded. In between prepping for selling goodies to kids these days who apparently don’t like chocolate as much (the biggest shocker ever to me – like wtf if up with kids these days anyway?!), we managed to not just host my mother-in-law but another friend the same week of the festival. Travel happened soon enough – one of my husband’s annual breaks – and we were ensconced in a week full of leisure, laziness, mountain sunshine and of course, lots of food.

We’re back again, recharged and refreshed…except I’ve lost any and all the desire or even inclination to keep our house. Caught in the midst of wanting to keep our house clean like I’d want to versus really needing to let go of these housekeeping reins to very inept housemaids, I came back finding myself instantly hiring a maid. An expensive one at that. Whose work I’m not so satisfied with. But give and take, compromise, wearing blinders…that’s the code to happiness and contentment and earning more time for oneself it seems. Oh life.

October also found me observing and celebrating my first ever Karva Chauth (a festival where wives fast and pray for the well-being and good health of their husbands)… to be honest, this concept is entirely lost upon me and one that I frankly don’t believe in or care much about not because I want to be unnecessarily rebellious towards traditions I don’t understand, but because the logic of it seems lost upon me entirely. Women take pride in doing this sort of thing, and that’s a personal choice. Left up to my husband and me, we aren’t the kinds to indulge in this sort of stuff…but life as we know it, doesn’t revolve just around my husband and I. And so I did it and didn’t faint in the process. It was a new experience and a very different one at that, I’ll admit. But that’s about it.

Here we are today, in the final week of October 2016. It always makes me feel a little remorseful…after all, once Diwali goes, it feels like there really is not much to look forward to in the year. But the city’s bright, happy and shiny, knee deep in festivities and feeling festive in general. Everything’s lit up and sparkly and cheery; it’s hard to miss these vibes. The weather has changed for the better, what with six months of hot hot hotness out of the way. There’s so much to love about this month, it always was and always will be my favourite time of the year.

I hope you’ve been well dear reader. It’s good to catch up again and here’s to lots more reading and writing ahead. :)


2 Responses to “Resurfacing Again”

  1. sandhyakml October 25, 2016 at 9:07 PM #

    Welcome back!
    1. To make you feel better about your house help, Heiko and I don’t have any nor can afford one 😅
    2. I’m so relieved that you dont understand Karva Chauth. And, you’re so brave, I’m glad you didn’t faint :) ❤


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