Updates And Then Some

17 Sep

In the middle of some very unwelcome, yet powerful bout of insomnia which snatched every trace of sleep away from me indefinitely last night, I did what I usually dislike doing – getting allllll the way out of bed and figuring out what to do with this slot of time which should have otherwise been spent in satisfactory slumber. Since reading was an inevitable failure, I made my way to my here to complete the tinkering of my blog which I had left halfway through for another day. Babska: 1. Procrastination: – 0.5. Anyhoo, apart from wanting to genuinely do something to this space, I’ve been thinking of how else to incorporate the small but other meaningful things that also highlight my day on a regular basis. Apparently playing around with template codes and what not seemed to be my brain’s need of that certain graveyard hour. And so I tinkered. Here’s what’s new for now:

In addition to my Food page, I’ve gotten myself a new page called Photographs right next to it, on the upper right hand corner. Given how playing with images is more than just a thing I love, it was only a matter of time before it reappeared back on my blog space. These are all teeny tiny ideas that I’m attempting to put forth and hopefully develop as the days go. For now, this is where you will find my chronicling of all things photograph and food related. It feels exciting to have a folder where I can find the things I especially love, apart from feeling super organised or at least trying to be better organised around my blog.

What also happened yesterday all through most of last night was also this: a new segment of posts I’d like to wickedly call Quickies. I love the option of putting up tiny titbit posts on the go – it feels like I’m more connected and it feels like I’m being more disciplined about publishing not just the big, but small things in general. I also have another segment of posts called the PhotoADay category, because hello photography, my love. It is here that I hope to publish one photograph every day and to get increasingly active on learning to speak more with images as well. My first post for the day is up, here. Look? There is no strict plan or theme in mind yet… I guess the idea is to go along and capture most of my day in one picture.

I’m not really sure if this is too much too fast, a long time coming, or a lot I’ve put on my plate. But I’m ready to go with the flow and take it as it comes. Let me know your thoughts, please. Also, insomnia bout well spent, ay?

Have a beautiful weekend, my dear reader(s). :)


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