Wasn’t It Just Yesterday?

15 Sep

The other day someone on FB posted a picture of Santa saying Christmas is just a two digit number of Sundays away. Not only is that astounding because woah the year is nearing its last quarter already, but because India’s festive season is almost here and wasn’t that like just yesterday? Don’t get me wrong, I love this time of the year the most – I’m a thoroughbred autumn baby and my stars and sun sign will vouch for the same. But astrologically and astronomically apart, this is that time of the year when an already alive India (in the context of festivals, because don’t we have something or the other almost every single day?!) really wakes up and we see her in her splendour. This is my most favourite season of the year as well – things do cool down quite a bit, literally and figuratively, and it’s almost like time changes gears very distinctly and infuses a very celebratory spirit into everything around it. There’s much ado and so much festiveness everywhere; it’s hard to not feel the jubilant contagion at all. But time really has decided to play a fast one on us this year especially, or so it feels to me. It seems like just yesterday when I was celebrating Navratri with my family and friends, just yesterday when Diwali sparkled her way through to our doors, just yesterday when we celebrated Bhai Dooj and the time that ushered in my departure from Bangalore. Oh time, you trickster.

This entire period is like that one bar of chocolate you’ve been saving up to savour at leisure…the anticipation of it ever so delightful and tingling, yet the disappearance of it equally saddening – almost like how Charlie rationing that one slab of chocolate he got for his birthday every year from Willy Wonka’s factory. Time, it is clear, is sweeping by us like a breeze we cannot control, just watch, and hopefully enjoy. Like everything I love, it is in their wait that lies my joy and excitement; for when they arrive, it is but mandatory that they will depart as well. But perhaps it’s best to stow away the sadness of time travelling at supersonic speeds and enjoy today for what it is. The South East nations already are celebrating mid-autumn I read, but while I can sense a change in seasons, it hasn’t happened here yet. October is hands down my favourite month and it isn’t too far away – both yay and woah!

Yesterday was a first when I published what seems to be a semblance of a health/workout tracker. I never thought I’d do something like this and haven’t really done anything like this before because I’m one who doesn’t really deliver in this arena – working out is something I love, but am just so undisciplined about. They say it all lies in the first step, and let me assure you, I’ve lost track of the number of first steps I’ve taken. It was more a whim of an upload on Instagram than really actually being serious about it. I guess my mind is occupied and obsessive about a lot already; my heart isn’t going to surrender watching what I eat that easily. It’s an emotional thing you know? I love food too much. Just. Too. Much.

Moving on to other realisations, it has occurred to me that despite claiming to be anti social, which I really can be, I’ve found the need for some sort of company. Back when I was working, all of us were by default surrounded by people. It was, well, human and normal. I don’t ever recollect socialising extra or being overtly friendly. The last time I had a job, it was just three of us sitting amidst each other, working. We had our space and we had each other. That was perfect…and now since I have just chairs and walls to keep me company, some weird sort of loneliness has begun creeping in…sometimes. Now that the house is more or less set up, I’ve found myself plugging my phone to the speakers first thing in the morning. Picking instrumental music or tracks with minimal words has been my go-to; comforting enough for company and silence. This has become a routine the past few days and one that I have lapped up like a parched piece of sponge. Back at work, I remember being plugged into music like this to not only keep me going at a productive pace but to also drown out unnecessary noises. Here I am, doing just the same. And chatting with you, dear reader. Socialisation done for the day, yeah?

Because today is Thursday and I’m feeling a tad nostalgic thanks to randomly scrolling by photographs on FB, I’ll follow TBT (Throw Back Thursday) tradition. Apparently I’ve done this on my records twice before over here and here, already.

Throwing back to random girly dates with S, though both she and I would shudder at the thought of calling our crazy meetings dates. Oh those times. Those random, random times.

Also throwing back to the times I used to bake. Olive focaccia was one of my favourite savoury bakes of all times; mostly because my kitchen smelt like heaven.

Also keeping up with TT (Thankful Thursdays), this small mercy/gift is something I’m grateful for.

Have a stupendously amazing Thursday. Best vibes to you, dear reader.



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