The One I Forgot To Post

12 Sep

I knew something was missing once Friday evening rolled by in its customary style; promising everything that a Friday evening’s homecoming always does. But of course the weekend came along and it was only when I checked into my admin today, did I figure the missing piece out – this blog post I’d coolly forgotten to publish. I’m still posting it anyway, so yay! 


Yesterday I dove headlong into a liquid diet of sorts, but only till evening, to be clear. It wasn’t a plan I’d had in mind or such; just this saturation of eating out and more importantly, not knowing what it was I wanted to eat. There’s really only so much greasy chinjabi (chinese punjabi food) or pizza or burgers or sandwiches or tandoori chicken or basically outside food that I can eat. And so in a very bold and brave move – because I’ve a mental block towards consuming milk and uncooked food from outside – I ordered a smoothie for myself. Two, actually.

One was a pomegranate, blueberry, chia seed, coconut milk, yoghurt and honey smoothie. The other one was a pineapple, date, chia seed, coconut milk, yoghurt and honey smoothie. I ordered a larger portion of the latter, because I was expecting to have something very close to a piña colada , but of course, who was I kidding except myself? The former actually tasted much better than the latter; even though I’m not a fan of pomegranate. So that was my highlight from yesterday. No, it was actually the face my husband made when he took a big, hearty swig of the pineapple one because it had quite a bitter undertone to it overall. Highlarious stuff, these snippets of my life.

So I’ve made this entry into the world of chia seeds, which by the way, are basil seeds apparently? I had to know what they were and sure enough, they’ve seemingly been around in our Indian lives and culture much before the world suddenly went gaga over it being the hottest nutrient booster on the block. It almost always feels like a been there, done that path, in the Indian context of course. I also feel many prides. But of course I’m saying this with only a sketchy knowledge of these seeds that I’ve only just stumbled upon. There is some talk about how they’re similar and often confused with basil seeds – so yeah, that’s that.

But I’m not getting myself a packet of chia seeds yet.

Because my mind is having an internal revolt with my conscience. It may take longer to subside than I think.

In other news, today is Friday, and even though I’m not at an office per se, it’s just thrilling to experience the joy of a Friday anyway. It’s one I don’t want to pass up on. I hope you’re capitalizing this great feeling too.


2 Responses to “The One I Forgot To Post”

  1. Carina Simeon September 12, 2016 at 12:45 PM #

    Babska, …..:) this happens to any of us sometime, surely, so dont worry! Chia Seeds I use somewhat sparingly sometimes sprinkled over my iceberg/tomato salad.

    • Babushka September 12, 2016 at 2:12 PM #

      Do you use them directly or do you soak them first and then use them in your salads?

      And thank you, Carina. You are kind. :)


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