Thanks Be To You

5 Sep


I came across this post on a friend’s fb page and wanted to share it as part of today’s celebration at large. I say celebration with some amount of enthusiasm because it’s an ongoing process, this. It isn’t about waking up one day and buying super red (or yellow, were they?) roses (like we used to find outside our school and college gates) to give to a teacher whom we felt made a difference…it isn’t about celebrating each of these days for just that day.

Maybe it’s about growing up and older which perhaps broadens this view of these glasses we wear through life. There’s a massive sense of thanks giving and being grateful for the big, small and the many in-betweens which make it somewhere in our life.

Today I’m especially thankful for the endless teachers, literally and figuratively, that I’ve had throughout my life. There are too many to count, too many to call out to, too many to forget, even – the good, the bad, the ugly.

To life, our greatest lesson. To time, our extraordinary teacher. To family, our strengths. To education, our pillar. To love, our support. To friendships, our masts. To expression, our luxury. To experiences, our milestones.

See? The list is endless.

Happy Teachers’ Day!



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