Writing, Mating Pigeons, and Me

3 Sep

It works. Having a designated time, and more importantly, space to write, really works. There’s a discipline in it which I think I always knew but ignored/denied simply because I was trying to find an easier way out…plus there are some things I really wish didn’t need discipline attached to them. Of course, this is if one wants to be a writer writer, you know?

I’ve found a place and a space for myself where I can sit and write, where the words flow more easily and where I don’t really have to try too hard. It’s bright, airy, conducive to thinking and pondering and day dreaming and what have you because there are trees to lose myself in. And it’s quiet. The perfect kind of quiet, interspersed with conversations between crow, mynah and pigeon couples. It’s quite a welcome change, except when they decide to do their mating dance/act right in the middle of a thought process – not helpful, really. Also, it isn’t a mating ritual one wants to watch – I assure you there’s a lot of shoving and pushing and ousting. How aggressive.

What I have also been doing or trying to do more regularly is to fill my Facebook wall with positiveness because God do we need that by the truckload. Also because unemployment in general pardons a heightened sense of activeness everywhere, if you ask me. So I’ve been posting happy news, positive thoughts, good things while sometimes sneaking in some deep stuff here and there too. I feel the difference and I also feel more responsible somehow. I’ve been thinking about writing a post on this thought that came to my mind just the other day – being responsible about the stuff we post online.

There’s not much else to say at the moment, apart from the fact that my body has its own way of revolting against this phase of eating out. Yesterday I couldn’t get myself to think beyond a scoop of ice cream versus sweet curd for dinner. Ice cream scoop it was, though I did pick up a packet of curd as well. One never knows, especially in the midst of heightened PMS, right? I miss Corner House sorely. Nothing compares to it. Nothing. And so I make do with kulfi. But that also Bowring lays quite a stake in. Have you tried Bowring’s kulfi? Kesar Badam. Must. Try. Please. Given that this is a stronghold of kulfi type of cold treats, I try and be safe and just order one from time to time. I’m still to discover one that makes me go weak in my knees, tbh. But something tells me the wait won’t be long.

Have a beautiful Saturday, my friends. I’ll see you on the other side of yet another weekend! Geez, time is sure hurrying past.



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