Throwback Thursday

1 Sep

It’s raining the I mean business rain – straight, steady and unfaltering. I wonder if this is the last of the monsoons the Met. department had predicted an excess of for our country this year. As always, there are some parts of the country which bear the brunt of its stay more than the others, but there’s something about the newness that monsoons bring which is such a welcome relief, and always celebrated. Even the leeches in rainforests celebrate, and that’s when we curtail our celebrations to just outside the perimeters of rainforests, if we happen to be visiting them.

Speaking of which, what once used to be a very regular visit/getaway to Wayanad, has now evaporated and vanished, like quite a few other routines that do take the hit once you move away. Today’s weather and serious rain reminds me of Kerala. It’s easily been over a year since I visited it; when I’d escaped from all I could to sort my head and heart out. The hills help you do that. They assist in sorting things out; no spoken word featuring sometimes.

However, this picture is from way back (I’m forgetting the year already). It was filled with happy times, long walks through waves of tea gardens, breeze peppered with the fragrance of coffee flowers (have you smelt the magic of coffee blooms?) and pepper pods, concerts played by birds and cicadas alike, and of course, lots of great food – especially Kerala fried fish. Happy times, indeed. All visits to Wayanad are all this and so much more. All.


This is what the rain makes me do – reminisce. Sometimes they’re happy remembrances, sometimes morose…almost confused between the fine lines of nostalgia and melancholy over times gone by.

Speaking of memories, here’s what else comes to my mind right now.



It’s been a while since I went back to Koshy’s – after our rather nasty experience with them and their pathetic service, it just makes visits to this once favourite adda of ours, rather distasteful. But their mince on toast, though. Delightful much. Please give it a try if you’re stopping by; this and their iced tea (with a shot of rum, if you’re feeling inclined towards some midday adventure).

Iced Tea Koshys

Mince Toast Koshys

Smileys Koshys

And smileys. For nostalgia’s sake. And for that mustard mayo sauce, just because.

It suddenly all feels very far away, a yesterday that’s slightly out of reach now. Not that that prevents us from commemorating the good times by traipsing our way back to these joints whenever an opportunity permits. Somehow it feels like letting go and moving on is fast becoming the need of the hour. Oh well.

*makes a plan to go buy a pack of smileys*

*manages to automatically find a title for her post on its completion*


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